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King Fire Update: The King fire which started on September 13th in El Dorado County near Pollock Pines, CA, has grown to more than 18,000 acres and is nearing Placer County on National Forest lands. More »

Wage Reimbursement

Help to Hire Program Subsidizes Wages!

Placer County's Subsidized Wage program reimburses employers up to $10,500 for hiring eligible Placer County Employment Services participants.

Maximum Reimbursement:

  • 100% coverage for the first month of employment, up to $3,000.00.
  • $500 per month for part-time work.  Part-time is defined as 20-29 hours per week.
  • $1,000 per month for full-time work.  Full time is defined as 30 or more hours per week.
  • $1,500 per month for employment of 40 hours or more per week.
  • Available up to 6 months for each individual hired.

Learn More:

For more information please click on our brochure or contact Katie Kenoyer (530) 889-4090 or

 Help to Hire is Placer County's Subsidized Wage Program.