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Open Bids & RFPs

The Procurement Services Division utilizes Public Purchase for the County’s electronic bidding service needs. Public Purchase:

  • Allows bidders to view and respond to bidding opportunities online 
  • Publishes results and award information for solicitations issued through Public Purchase 
  • Notifies bidders via e-mail of new bid solicitations 
  • Allows bidders to access bidding opportunities with other governmental entities

Below is a list of Placer County's current Price Quote (PQ), Bid (IFB), Construction Bid (IFB-PP), Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Qualifications (RFQ) opportunities and their respective closing date(s) and time(s).  Suppliers must register with Public Purchase to view and download bid notices, documents and related addenda which will affect their ability to respond.  Click for instructions on how to register your company with Public Purchase. Click to login to Public Purchase

Individuals not participating in Placer County competitive opportunities can receive copies of any bid or RFP for general review purposes by contacting us at or 530-886-2122.



Award Information
Remove By
IFB 10572 - Grader and Snow Plow Blades  Bid Tabulation  06/2017 
IFB 10574 - Automotive and Equipment Batteries  Bid Tabulation  06/2017 
IFB 10597 - Park Security  Bid Tabulation  06/2017 
IFB 10598 - Outdoor Hydronic Boiler  Bid Tabulation  06/2017 
IFB 10584 - Annual Fleet Vehicle Purchases  BOS Agendas Item  06/2017 
IFB 10555 - Language Interpretation and Translation Services  BOS Agenda Item  08/2017 
RFP 10583 - Replacement of ERP Systems  BOS Agenda Item  08/2017 
RFP 10600 - Professional Engineering Services for Martis Valley Trail  BOS Agenda Item  08/2017 
RFQ 10591 - Geotechnical and Materials Testing Consulting  BOS Agenda Item  08/2017 
IFB 10533 - Correctional Food Services Program  BOS Agenda Item  09/2017 
IFB 10605 - Hazardous Elements Analyzer  Bid Tabulation  09/2017 
IFB 10624 - Daniel Defense Rifles and Related Items  BOS Agenda Item  11/2017 
RFP 10623 - Morton Road Repair Project-Professional Services  BOS Agenda Item      11/2017 
RFQ 10622 - Construction Management Services  BOS Agenda Item  11/2017 
IFB 10596 - Patrol Boat and Trailer  BOS Agenda Item  11/2017