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Public Education Information

If you're looking for information on air pollution, this page is for you! From games for young students to a basic course in air pollution, this information will build your knowledge on air pollution, and how to keep the air we breathe clean. If you have questions, contact the Air Pollution Control District by email, or by phone at 530-745-2330.


Environmental Kids Club U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s site for students and teachers to learn more about air and water pollution.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) AQI Kids What is the AQI, the Air Quality Index? It tells you the quality of the air you breathe. What color is your air today? Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple or Maroon? For ages kindergarten to 10 years.

The Know Zone The California Air Resources Board’s site for kids, students and teachers to learn more about California’s air quality, with easy-to-read information about a county or the entire State of California.

Planet Polluto Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District has created an interactive game for children in grades 4-8 to save the Pollutonians from the ravages of air pollution. Copies may be downloaded or a free compact disk can be mailed to you.

Energy Kid's Page Energy facts, fun and games, energy history, and curriculum activities from the Energy Information Administration

U.S. EPA Student Center Resource for environmental projects, careers, internships, scholarships, environmental basics for air, water, conservation, waste and recycling, and teacher resources, as well.

WestEd Eisenhower Regional Consortium for mathematics and science education. WestEd is one of ten regional education laboratories funded by the U.S. Department of Education.


Clean Air Primer (This PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) - A basic course in air pollution with videos and interactive materials.

To be able to use all the elements of the primer, you need 2 free programs on your computer:

What is the Air Quality Index (AQI) and why is it important? Explains the health impacts of daily air quality. Ground level ozone levels can be serious during our summer months. Do you know the category and color we usually experience?

Smog City The Spare The Air Program and interactive air pollution simulator shows how choices, environmental factors and land use contribute to air pollution.

Ground Level Ozone and Your Health The risk, symptoms and health effects when ground level ozone levels increase.

Particle Pollution and Your Health The risk, symptoms and health effects when particle pollution increases.

Smoke from Agricultural and Forest Fires Occasional events can catch you unaware of the significant health impacts of smoke.

U.S EPA Office of Environmental Education Fact Sheets  Environmental education resources.