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King Fire Update: The King Fire is currently at 82,018 acres with 10% containment. The following intersections are closed to the public: Mosquito Ridge at Gorman Ranch, Foresthill Divide at Soda Springs, and Foresthill Divide at Deadwood. IRONMAN cancellation supported by Placer County Health Officials. Public Information line is currently staffed at 530-886-5310 to handle inquiries. More »

Fiscal Year 2012-13 Final Budget

Fiscal Year 2012-13 Final Budget – Entire File
(This file is 9.36MB and may take some time to download, or you may click one of the links below to download a portion of the Final Budget) 

Table of Contents 
Administrative Services 
Agricultural Commissioner 
Budget Memo from Supervisors 
Chart – Assessed Value of Taxable Property 
Chart – Distribution of Tax Dollars Levied 
Chart – Expenditures by Function 
Chart – Operating and Capital Funds Expenditures by Category 
Chart – Revenues and Sources of Funds 
Child Support Services 
Community Development Resource Agency 
County Counsel 
County Executive Office 
County Executive Office – Non Departmental 
County Officers 
Cover Credit 
District Attorney 
Facility Services 
Farm Advisor 
Glossary of Terms 
Graphs – Per Capita Revenue & Operating Expenses 
Health and Human Services 
Placer County Organizational Chart 
Placer County Service Systems – Departments and Core Functions 
Position Allocation by Department, Appropriation, & Division 
Property Tax Rates 
Public Works 
Schedule 1 – All Funds Summary 
Schedule 2 – Governmental Funds Summary 
Schedule 3 – Fund Balance – Governmental Funds 
Schedule 4 – Reserves, Designations by Governmental Funds 
Schedule 5 – Summary of Additional Financing Sources by Source & Fund 
Schedule 6 – Detail of Additional Financing Sources by Fund & Account 
Schedule 7 – Summary of Financing Uses by Function & Fund 
Schedule 8 – Detail of Financing Uses by Function, Activity, & Budget Unit 
Special Districts 
Summary of Total Budgets & Positions by Department 
Treasurer Tax Collector
Veterans Services