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Risk Management and Organizational Development


 RMOur mission is to effectively prevent, control, and minimize the County's financial risk while providing optimum services to the County's employees and its citizens through the centralized administration of healthcare, safety, loss control, employee benefit, and other risk management programs.

Organizational Development (OD) is leading the County employee engagement initiative. OD is also responsible for employee training, career development, new employee orientation, the Combined Giving Campaign and the employee portal.

Services and Information

  • Disability and Leave Management
    Administers and coordinates County-wide total absence management and return-to-work programs.
  • General Liability
    Administers, investigates, and controls claim costs; manages reserves for liability claims, reviews County contracts for indemnification and insurance
  • Insurance
    Including Primary and Excess Insurance policies, Special Event Insurance, and vendor required insurance requirements
  • Investigations
    Investigates County policy violation; disciplinary action/misconduct claims; pre-employment background checks.
  • Labor Relations
    Includes policy advice on labor issues for PCDSA, PPEO, and IHSS; primary contact/negotiator for wages, hours, terms/conditions of employment.
  • Organizational Development
    Develops courses for best business practices, supervision, management development, and health/safety; employee engagement.
  • Safety
    Controls claim costs by promoting safe operations and activities; preventing injuries with training; and complying with CAL-OSHA regulations.
  • Workers' Compensation
    Includes investigations and claims; legally mandated benefits for injured workers; maintains claim reserves; administers employee DOT program.