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Placer County, CA
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Code Enforcement FAQ

BUILDING questions about code requirements, specifications or installs

Our Placer County Building Department has Inspectors available to answer your detailed questions by calling 530.745.3100. In the event they are assisting another caller, please leave a detailed message so an Inspector can get back with you as soon as possible. To schedule a Building Inspection, please call 530.745.3020.

DUMPING (of appliances, furniture, mattresses) on the side of the road or on private property

Our Placer County Environmental Health Department is available to assist you further with the abatement of solid waste by calling 530.745.2300. If you witness the dumping, please report it to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office immediately at 530.889.7800. Try to provide a vehicle description and license number.

ABANDONED VEHICLES on Private Property

Placer County Code Enforcement offers an abandoned vehicle abatement program, and we can remove, at no charge to the property owner, up to 5 passenger vehicles (1 ton or less) from a parcel. Beyond 5, cases are reviewed individually and may incur additional charges. Please call our office regarding vehicles other than standard passenger cars/trucks, etc, as the County may still be able to remove for an additional charge. Click here for a copy of the Abatement Form.

  • For vehicles abandoned on public streets, please contact California Highway Patrol at 916.663.3344.  The Placer County Code Enforcement division also offers a courtesy referral list of current independent vendors who service the abatement of junk, debris, tires, larger vehicles & equipment removal, mobile home relocation, and Oil Recyclers. Click here for a copy of the Referral List.

BUSINESS ACTIVITY - In an area not zoned for such activity

While many types of home-based businesses are allowed in a residential zone district, the ability to protect the integrity of the neighborhood is very important to Placer County. Please call us or click on the following links for more information:


The Placer County Code Enforcement Division is complaint driven and responds only to written complaints. To better serve you and the community, we welcome your signed and confidential complaint submitted on our official complaint form. Click here for a copy of the Complaint Form. Placer County encourages voluntary compliance realizing that some issues are not the same and timelines may vary. It is our intent to work with property owners within negotiated timelines to a mutually satisfactory resolution. If you have questions about a possible code violation, please contact us at or by calling 530.745.3050.

Placer County also offers a dispute resolution service available to County residents. It may prove useful, especially in resolving disputes between neighbors. For more information please contact Placer Dispute Resolution Service by calling 916.645.9260. For more information please access their website at