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Amazing Facts Ministry

Project Description The proposed Project includes construction of a 17-acre campus to support a new Amazing Facts Ministry facility. The proposed Project would be constructed in two phases with buildings totaling 208,020 square feet. Phase I of the proposed Project would include a 106,800-square-foot multi-use building consisting of an auditorium/gymnasium, ministry offices, Sabbath school classrooms, a fireside chapel, an audio/visual production suite, and kitchen facilities. Phase I would also include a separate ±11,220 square-foot resource center building. Phase II would consist of a ±90,000 square-foot multi-use building which will replace the Phase I multi-use building’s function as the main sanctuary for this ministry and serve as the permanent worship facility with seating for 2,000 people. Approximately 625 on-site parking spaces would be provided as part of Phase I and an additional 275 parking spaces as part of Phase II for a total of approximately 900 spaces. The Project site would have full access at the signalized intersection of Sierra College Boulevard and Nightwatch Drive. A secondary access with right-turn in and right-turn out only would be constructed along Sierra College Boulevard approximately 450 feet east of the primary access. +more

The 74.2 acre project site comprises a single parcel identified by two assessor’s parcel numbers (APN 046-050-006 [69.1 acres] and APN 046-050-008 [5.1 acres]) totaling 74.2 acres bordered by Sierra College Boulevard on the north between Nightwatch Drive and Ridge Park Drive. The property abuts the City of Rocklin along the north property line and extends south to property at the end of Oak Hill Lane in Placer County. The proposed project consists of development of an Amazing Facts Ministries house of worship on 17 acres within the northern portion of the 75-acre project site. Amazing Facts Ministries is a multi-faceted, Christian media ministry which includes television, radio, internet, publishing, and the Amazing Facts School of Evangelism. The project site is located within the Granite Bay Community Plan and is designated Rural Estate 4.6 acre to 20 acre minimum. The project site is zoned F-B-X 20 acre minimum (Farm, combining a minimum building site size of 20 acres). A house of worship is an allowed use in the Farm zone district with the approval of a minor use permit (MUP). The project site is comprised of two parcels (APNs: 046-050-006 and 046-050-008), 5.9 acres and 69.1 acres, that abut the City of Rocklin along the northern property line and extend to Oak Hill Lane in Placer County to the south.

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