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Zoning Maps

Zoning maps are available for download or purchase (updated yearly in December). You can also view zoning for specific parcels or regions within the County at our Geographic Information System (GIS) web site which is updated weekly. Use the links below to view or download zoning map tiles. Use the index map to identify your area of interest. Hard copy maps are also available using the map order form. Mail your request with a check to: Community Development Resource Center, CDRA-GIS, 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn, CA 95603

Index Map

A1 D6 H7 L6 N11 R7
A2 E1 H8 L7 O5 R8
A3 E2 I5 L8 O6 R9
A4 E3 I6 L9 O7 R10
B1 E4 I7 L10 O8 R11
B2 E5 I8 L11 O9 S6
B3 E6 I9 M4 O10 S7
B4 F1 J5 M5 O11 S8
B5 F2 J6 M6 P6 S9
B6 F3 J7 M7 P7 S10
C1 F4 J8 M8 P8 S11
C2 F5 J9 M9 P9 T9
C3 F6 J10 M10 P10 T10
C4 G3 K5 M11 P11 T11
C5 G4 K6 N4 Q6 U10
C6 G5 K7 N5 Q7 U11
D1 G6 K8 N6 Q8
D2 G7 K9 N7 Q9
D3 H4 K10 N8 Q10
D4 H5 K11 N9 Q11
D5 H6 L5 N10 R6