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Foresthill Divide Community Plan

An update of the Foresthill Divide Community Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2008. This Plan is available in portable document format (pdf) below, or in hard copy for purchase at the Community Development Resource Agency public counter located at 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn.


Title Page

Table of Contents


General Community Goals

Community Development Element

Resource Management

Transportation & Circulation


Appendix A - Executive Summary

Appendix B - Development Standards

Appendix C - Design Guidelines

Appendix D - Contacts

Appendix E - General Standards


I-1: Plan Area Map

III-1: Land Use Diagram

III-2: Proposed Zoning Districts

III-3: Mixed Use Areas

III-4: Plan Area Communities

III-5: Community Plan Map

III-6: Trails Plan

IV-1: Forest Soils Production

IV-2: Vegetation Communities

IV-3: Vegetation Communities

IV-4: Riparian Corridors

IV-5: Riparian Corridors

IV-6: Aerial Important Viewsheds

V-1: Circulation

V-2: Existing Circulation System & Traffic Volumes

Resolution amending the Foresthill Divide Community Plan:  Amendment to the Plan

Resolution adopting an Addendum to the FDCP Final EIR:  Addendum to the Final Environmental Impact Report