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Placer County, CA
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Special Event Insurance Requirements


You are required to provide a $1,000,000 Liability Insurance Policy naming Placer County as Additionally Insured.

Your personal Homeowner’s Insurance may offer coverage. It is your responsibility to contact them with the following requirements:

Certificate of Insurance shall be a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage.

  • Certificate Holder shall be:
    Placer County
    145 Fulweiler Avenue, Ste. 100
    Auburn, CA 95603
    Additional Insured Endorsement naming Placer County as additional insured.
    Please include the location and date of event on the certificate.

An Additional Insured Endorsement is generally a separate page attached to the certificate that states, “This endorsement changes the policy.” Your insurance carrier may charge an additional fee for the Additional Insured Endorsement. The Additional Insured Endorsement should include the following language:

“The County of Placer, its officers, agents, and employees, is named as additional insured for all liability arising out of the operations by or on behalf of the named insured in the performance of this Agreement.”

Please be advised that the insurance provided is primary coverage of the County of Placer with respect to any insurance or self-insurance programs maintained by the County, and no insurance held or owned by the County shall be called upon to contribute to a loss.

To purchase insurance contact Placer County Risk Management at (530) 886-2600.
If your event is cancelled,
insurance purchased through Placer County Risk Management can be fully refunded up until the day prior to the scheduled event by contacting Placer County Risk Management directly at the number above. Facility Services cannot issue a refund for insurance purchased through Risk Management.

Please be advised that your reservation will not be confirmed until evidence of acceptable coverage is provided.