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Reservation Procedures and General Policies



The Reservation Procedures and General Policies have been endorsed by the Placer County Parks Commission and apply to any County owned or managed Public Recreation Areas facilities. Public Recreation Areas are identified in the Placer County Parks Ordinance, and can be viewed in the Placer County Code, Article 12.24 Sections 12.24.10 through 12.24.040.


Placer County Parks feature facilities such as: BBQ Pavilions, BBQ picnic areas, ball fields, tennis courts, amphitheater, gazebo. For a complete list of Parks Facilities, please check online at Follow the Quick Links to Parks and Trails.


A. Reservation Requests
Applications for reserving County Park facilities are available by contacting the Placer County Parks Division at (530) 886-4901 or in person at Facility Services Parks Division, 2855 2nd Street, Auburn CA 95603. A request to reserve Parks facilities does not constitute approval.

1. Reservation requests for Parks facilities will be taken beginning the first working day of January each year.

a. Stewart Community Hall reservation requests for dates between January 1st through March 31st will be taken up to six months prior to the event.
b. Foresthill Leroy Botts Memorial Park reservation requests will be taken beginning October 1st for the following year.
c. Scheduling Sports Leagues for Granite Bay and Loomis area community parks takes place during the League Scheduling meetings held in November/December. Check online for more League Information.

2. A completed Application package requires the following:

  • · Signed Reservation Application;
  • · Signed Hold Harmless and Indemnification Form;
  • · Payment of Fees;
  • · Certificate of Insurance;
  • · Insurance Endorsement;
  • · Other requirements are considered pending the scope of the event.

3. If there are no reservations posted, park facilities are available on a first come-first serve use.

a. Auburn Library Garden Theater
b. Bear River Group Campground
c. Sports Fields – Use Permit Must Be Secured By Organized Sport Groups Prior To Using Placer County Ball Field Facilities
d. Stewart Community Hall

B. Ten Working Day Policy
A ten-working-day policy is observed to allow sufficient administrative time to complete the reservation process.

1. Dates falling within 10 working days of the requested date will not be considered.
2. The completed Application must be received no less than 10 working days prior to the first requested event date.
3. Reservation Holds where complete paperwork has not been received within 10 working days will be removed and the request canceled.

C. Reservation Hold
Upon request, the requested reservation date(s) will be placed as a Hold online with the Applicant’s last name and/or the name of the User Group. This Hold will remain for ten working days until the reservation is confirmed or canceled per the aforementioned terms. Reservation Holds are not a confirmed reservation.

D. Compliance
The Applicant’s signature on the Reservation Application is an agreement with Placer County that all guests are aware of the rules and will abide by them.

E. Confirmation Use Permit
When the Application is completed and approved by the County, the applicant will be issued a Confirmation Use Permit (Use Permit).

1. A copy of the Use Permit must be available during use of the park facilities and produced upon request.
2. A calendar showing reservations and reservation Holds are displayed online.


A. Application Fee
The Application Fee for each reservation is $5. There will be an additional $5 fee for every change to the initial reservation. Application Fees are not refundable.

B. Use Fees
Use fees for Park facilities are posted online at Follow the Quick Links to Parks and Trails. Two checks or money orders will be required for each reservation to cover the Application Fee, Use Fee and Deposit. Cash or credit cards cannot be accepted for payments.

C. Refunds
To be eligible to receive a refund of Use Fees, written requests to cancel must be received at this office no less than thirty (30) days prior to the date reserved. No refunds of Use Fees will be given after this period. Application Fees are not refundable. There are no refunds for inclement weather.

D. Cleaning/Damage/Security Deposit
A deposit for Cleaning/Damage/Security is required for each reservation. The minimum $250.00 deposit may vary depending on the scope of the event at the discretion of the Director of Facility Services.
1. Deposit fees are designed to cover additional costs associated with the event. These additional costs may include but not be limited to direct or indirect costs (including staff salaries and overhead) associated with your event. Some examples are administration, supervision, maintenance, utilities, leftover trash, damage, repairs, and security issues.
2. Any interest accrued from Use Fees or Deposits will be retained by the County.
3. Placer County reserves the right to bill the Applicant to recover expenses that exceeded the initial deposit.
4. Barring above mentioned conditions, deposit will be issued 4-6 weeks post event.

E. Reactivation Fee
If the reservation request is canceled and the Applicant requests to reinstate the application, providing the date is still available and complies with the Ten-Working-Day Policy, there will be a $10 reactivation fee added to the Application Fee.

F. Right to Cancel
The Parks Division reserves the right to cancel any reservation if unsafe conditions exist. In this instance, every effort will be made to provide an alternate location for your event.

Minimum $1,000,000 Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement naming “Placer County” as additional insured is required if the following conditions exist:

1. If anticipated attendance is greater than 49 attendees;
2. If alcohol is present;
3. Any activity that would be considered to increase liability including bounce houses, dunk tanks or inflatable playground features;
4. When renting Stewart Community Hall;
5. When renting Bear River Group Campsites;
6. Organized sports groups, teams or leagues using County ball fields.

For more details on insurance requirements, please refer to (see Parks and Trails quick links) or call Placer County Risk Management at 530-886-2600.


A. Alcohol

1. Alcohol may be present however; the Applicant must include liquor liability on their insurance coverage.
2. Alcohol may be sold however; a one-day Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) liquor license must be obtained from the State of California and attached to the Application.
3. A Host Liquor License must be attached to the Application if the alcohol is being sold by a Licensed Business.
4. At the Auburn Library Garden Theater glass containers are not permitted.

B. Amplified Sound

1. Amplified sound may be authorized in specific instances. Requests for Amplified Sound Permits are available during the Application process and must be approved by the County prior to receiving your Use Permit.
2. Amplified sound shall not be audible at a distance in excess of 100 feet unless an amplified sound permit is first obtained from the County. In any instance, amplified sound shall not be unreasonably loud, raucous, jarring, disturbing or a nuisance to persons or domestic animals.
3. Sound equipment shall be provided solely by the Applicant.

C. Animals

1. Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet and under control.
2. Pet owners shall clean up after their animal.
3. Dog Shows are not permitted in County parks.
4. Petting Zoos are not permitted in County parks.
5. At the Bear River Campground, no more than two dogs are permitted per camp site.


a. Dogs are not allowed at Traylor Ranch Nature Reserve and Bird Sanctuary (Assistance Dogs are permitted).

D. Electricity
Electricity is available at some park facilities. Requests for electricity use are available during the Application process.

E. Hours
Park facilities are open to the public between one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.


a. Franklin School Community Park, located on school property, is only available to the public after school hours from one-half hour after school is out of session until one half hour after sunset. Please refer to the Franklin School website.
b. Foresthill Leroy Botts Memorial Park shall remain open between 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.
c. Stewart Community Hall located in Sheridan shall remain open between 7:00 AM until 11:00 PM.
d. The Auburn Library Garden Theater closes at Sunset.

F. Rules

  • If County Parks’ crew needs to perform unscheduled maintenance work, you may be asked to temporarily leave the facility.
  • A copy of the Use Permit must be on site at all times during use of facilities and produced upon request.
  • Selling food or other items is not allowed without advance written request and County written approval.
  • No subleasing of facilities is allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of Applicant to enforce the Park Rules regarding the conduct of their group while on permitted facilities.
  • Applicant is responsible for picking up trash and depositing debris into the proper trash bins at the conclusion of the event.
  • Mechanical rides or amusement devices are not allowed.
  • No group or individual is permitted to alter the facility in any way without advanced written request and approval from the County.
  • Volunteer work is encouraged. Volunteers must complete and submit Volunteer Forms, obtained from the County for approval prior to beginning volunteer work. Volunteer Forms can be found online at


G. Vehicles

  • It is the User Group’s responsibility to alleviate traffic and parking issues.
  • Vehicles are prohibited outside of designated roadways or parking areas. Parking, driving or stopping any vehicle on turf areas is prohibited at all times unless approved by the County Parks Division.
  • User Groups should post directional signs, if needed, to guide participants and spectators to appropriate parking areas.
  • If traffic or parking is determined to be an issue, the User Group may be required to provide volunteers to direct participants and spectators to designated parking areas. Other requirements for traffic control may also be implemented.
  • Parking is limited and must be carefully planned for large events. Parking Fees may not be charged. Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed or towed.
  • The California Vehicle Code regulations apply to all Public Recreation Areas.


A. Special Event Permit Application (SEPA)
A SEPA may be required for events of over 200 people and/or groups wishing to provide additional recreational opportunities for their guests (such as booths, dunk tank, stages, selling alcoholic beverages etc.). A sample SEPA can be found at Parks online.

The completed SEPA is DUE 45 DAYS PRIOR to the date of the event. If you are planning a large event, please plan accordingly.

The SEPA will include but is not limited to:

  • Date of the event;
  • Size of the group;
  • Map showing the proposed location of booths and activities;
  • List of the types of booths and activities.

Utilizing this information, the County may then determine the appropriateness of booth and activity locations, liability insurance and the amount of Deposit required.

B. Dumpsters
Park dumpsters and containers are intended for daily park use. Dumpsters will be required for large event-generated refuse. Applicant shall contact the local disposal service company to make these arrangements.

C. Portable Restrooms
Portable restrooms for groups exceeding 150 people may be required at a rate of one per 100 people.

D. Security
Security for all uses is the responsibility of the Applicant. For large events, the County Parks Division may require uniformed security personnel to provide security and to handle parking and crowd control.

E. Signs
Signs for forthcoming events must be approved in advance by the County.

F. Special Considerations
Please be advised reservation requests outside the Procedures and Use Policies will require the 45 days for processing.



The following Exhibits shall apply as Addendum to the Parks Commission endorsed Reservation Procedures and General Policies, when utilizing sports fields, Auburn Library Garden Theater, Stewart Community Hall, Bear River Park or Ronald L. Feist Tennis Courts.




In addition to Park Facility Reservation Procedures and Use Policies the following pertains specifically to the sports fields.

A. Authority and Places Covered
The Sport Field Reservation Procedures and Use Policies have been endorsed by the Placer County Parks Commission and apply to any County owned or managed Public Recreation Areas that contain sports fields. Public Recreation Areas are identified in the Placer County Parks Ordinance, and can be viewed in the Placer County Code, Article 12.24 Sections 12.24.10 through 12.24.040.

B. User Groups
User Groups are defined as a league, organized group of players, school or a team (hereinafter “User Group”). User Groups typically use County field facilities for purposes including sport tryout, practice, competition, pictures or similar events.

C. Permit Required
Field Use Confirmation Permits (Use Permit) are required for any use of County sports field. User Groups must complete a Reservation Application for County review and approval in order to obtain a Use Permit. User Groups found using County sports fields without a valid Use Permit will be required to leave the field.

D. Good Standing
User Groups that have a history of abiding by all Placer County Policies and Procedures governing sports field use are in good standing. New groups that have made a commitment to abide by all County Policies and Procedures shall also be considered in good standing.

E. Process
The Park Facility Reservation Procedures and Use Policies contains complete instructions for the Reservation Request process. Reservation requests for field use from Non-League User Groups and the General Public will be taken beginning the first working day of January each year. A request to reserve a sports field does not constitute approval.

F. Seasonal Use Reservations
User Groups requesting Seasonal Use dates shall print out the calendar from the County Parks website and mark the following on each monthly page:

  • Field choice;
  • Requested days of the week;
  • Requested hours including AM/PM designation;
  • List the total hours requested and contact information on each calendar page.

Upon receipt of these items, the request may then be processed. Any deviation of the above will delay processing of the Application.

G. Leagues
1. League Definition
A League shall be defined as an association of sports clubs or teams that compete with each other.

2. League Scheduling Meetings
Field allocation for Leagues within the Granite Bay and Loomis Basin areas are determined prior to the first of the year at annual League Scheduling Meetings. Leagues that are not in good standing will be excluded from the League Scheduling Meetings.

3. Reservations for League Tournaments and Special Events
Leagues planning the following special events require a separate Application to secure the event:

  • Opening Day
  • Pictures
  • Tournaments
  • Championships
  • Volunteer Work Day

H. Sports Field Use Rules

  • A copy of the Use Permit must be on site at all times during use of the sports fields and produced upon request.
  • Do not throw or hit balls against chain link fences or backstops. User Groups will be held responsible for any damage.
  • Balls and other equipment thrown, batted, kicked, or otherwise landing on private property must not be retrieved without the property owner’s permission. Climbing walls or entering gates to access private property and considered trespassing.
  • Access and parking to use the sports fields is allowed only in designated areas.
  • No subleasing of fields is allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of the User Group’s President and the individual in charge of scheduling to enforce the rules and regulations regarding the conduct of the group while on permitted facilities.
  • Portable goals and/or markers are allowed but must be removed daily.
  • Each User Group is responsible for picking up trash and debris including but not limited to sunflower seeds and candy wrappers.

I. Turf Preservation: Grass and Synthetic Turf Fields
Cooperation is needed to preserve the turf on sports fields by adhering to the following guidelines:

1. Grass Fields

  • The County may close grass fields during certain times of the year to rehabilitate the turf.
  • Rotate use of turf areas. Field use should be conducted in such a way that the action takes place on different sections of turf, thus reducing excessive turf damage in one area.
  • Do not use fields during or after a heavy rain, or when wet or muddy conditions exist (please see Inclement Weather section).
  • User Groups must receive advanced written approval of the County Park Superintendent to line sports fields. Burning lines on County fields is prohibited.
  • The Parks Division has the right to restrict temporary striping due to congestion of field use.
  • Remove all equipment at the conclusion of each day.
  • Do not drive or park cars, motorcycles, or other motorized vehicles on turf areas.


2. Synthetic Turf Fields
The following are not allowed on any synthetic turf fields:

  • No dogs;
  • No alcohol;
  • No fireworks;
  • No tobacco or tobacco products;
  • No sunflower seeds;
  • No gum;
  • No generators;
  • Do not drive or park cars, motorcycles, or other motorized vehicles on turf areas.

No additional or temporary striping of synthetic turf fields is permitted. Squaw Valley Park may have temporary striping with advance written request and written County approval. This is because at Squaw Valley Park, there is only one field sport (soccer) permanently striped, there is a lack of alternative sports fields in the area, and the field is large enough to accommodate multi-use sport fields.

3. Inclement Weather
The County Parks Division will close a field when field conditions could result in injury to players or cause damage to the fields due to inclement weather.

a. Fields shall not be used when posted closed.
b. If a field is damaged due to being used when it’s closed, the User Group will be required to pay for all costs associated to re-sod the turf as solely determined by the County.
c. User Groups in violation of this policy will not be permitted to use Placer County sports fields until retribution is made.
d. There are no refunds for field closures due to inclement weather.

J. Field Modifications

1. Modification or Improvement to County Sports Fields

  • A request to modify or construct an improvement on a County sports field must to be submitted in writing to the County for review and approval.
  • No permanent structures or equipment shall be erected on County fields or facilities without advance written request and approval by the County. Consideration for same must be dedicated to the County for community use.
  • A request to modify or improve a site does not constitute approval. Approval will be provided in the form of a written Agreement outlining the scope of the approved modifications or improvements.
  • Any violation of this policy may result in the removal of the modification or new facility.

K. Banners, Signage and Advertising

1. General Guidelines

  • User Groups must obtain advanced approval of the County to mount any banners, signage or advertising.
  • If approved, the banners, signage, or advertising may only be mounted during the course of the event (such as a tournament) or season.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the User Group to put up and take down all signage or banners.
  • County staff may require banners to be removed if torn, in bad condition, disrupt irrigation pattern and/or if they are unsightly.
  • Damage to public property caused by banner or signage installation, display or removal is the sole responsibility of the User Group.
  • The County reserves the right to make additional stipulations (not mentioned in this sign/banner policy) for the betterment of the County.

L. Special Policies for Individual Parks

1. Squaw Valley Park Soccer Field
Despite reserved time slots, all participants have agreed to share the Squaw Valley Park Soccer Field, as much as possible with anyone wishing to play. The only exception is if there is a league-refereed game in progress. Do not hesitate to ask those using the field if they will share.

Because Squaw Valley Park is extremely popular, it is necessary to prioritize applicants for field usage. The following is an overview of priority considerations for conflicting requests for field use:

  • Local (Recreation Area 2: Squaw Valley and Tahoe City) Placer County established league groups;
  • Squaw Valley local community members with one-time use requests;
  • Local public agencies involved in sponsoring recreation for locals (e.g., TCPUD);
  • Local public schools (North Tahoe elementary, middle, and high schools);
  • Other regional (eastern Placer County) non-profits;
  • Outer (western Placer County) non-profit groups;
  • Nearby non-profit groups (Truckee);
  • For-profit local schools (e.g., Squaw Valley Academy);
  • Non-local non-profit groups (Non-County groups visiting the area);
  • For-profit schools or groups supporting adult and youth recreation;
  • Private, not public, individuals and groups.

2. Douglas Ranch Park
Soccer, or other sports activities as approved by the County, may be played on the soccer field. Baseball or softball is prohibited.

M. Sports Fields Allocation Policy

1. Priority of Fields

Priority Group Classifications:
a. Schools and non-profit youth sports leagues with an Agreement with Placer County are granted first right of refusal for field reservation requests.
b. General Public; local sports leagues (See Sports League Scheduling Requirements for further detail) scheduling for the sport season.
c. Schools (without Agreement with the County).d. "CPL," "Select" and "Competition" sports leagues that do not provide an "everyone plays" philosophy.
e. Commercial.

2. Sport Season Priority
a. Traditional sports seasons shall have priority use and will be considered as follows:














(baseball, softball)

(soccer, football)

(soccer / rugby)

Reservation requests for off-season play will be reviewed after allocations are granted for the primary season sports.

3. Additional Considerations
a. Reservation requests for games will be given priority over reservation request for practices.
b. The Parks Division will make every effort to have leagues share fields as equally as possible. A mixture of leagues should have use of the fields.
c. Consideration will be given to leagues with historic use of sports fields, and new requests will be given a lower priority.
d. Failure of a team to abide by rules and policies could result in loss of prioritization for that team.

N. Sports League Scheduling Requirements

There has been a tremendous growth in youth sports with both new and emerging sports league organizations. Due to increased demand for the use of County athletic fields, the Placer County Parks Division finds it necessary to emphasize sharing in the use of all fields. Allocation of field use is determined on a priority basis (See Sports Field Allocation Policy).

1. New leagues must provide the following information:
a. Provide player residency information: Provide a valid roster (this can be last year’s roster) that includes names of players, addresses, and zip codes.
b. Provide a copy of a map indicating the approved league’s district boundaries.
c. Provide a list of schools which the players attend.
d. Provide a list of facilities your league uses. Include both parks and schools and list the number of fields used at each facility.
e. Include a copy of an active Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service determination 501(c)3 non-profit status letter. To qualify as a Non-profit user, the organization must meet all criteria as identified by the Internal Revenue Service. The organization must be registered as a not-for-profit corporation by the State of California. Visit for additional information of non-profit status.
f. Let us know whether or not your league conducts open registration regardless of skill level, or, if your league is classified as CPL, Select, or Competition. In other words, state whether your league provides an “everyone plays” philosophy.

Your cooperation in providing all required information in a timely manner helps ensure the success of scheduling parks in Placer County.





In addition to Park Facility Reservation Procedures and Use Policies the following pertains specifically to the Auburn Library Garden Theater:

A. Outdoor Festival Permit
The City of Auburn requires an Outdoor Festival Permit to conduct any outdoor gathering of individuals for the purpose of participation in rock dances and other musical and/or theatrical type performances which are of a periodic nature to and to which the public is admitted with or without the payment of admission charges. Contact the City of Auburn at (530) 823-4211 extension 114. The City may charge a fee for the permit. The City of Auburn could require up to 45 days to process an Outside Festival Permit. Please plan accordingly.

B. Audience Size
Audience size may not exceed 500 people. Verification of rental of extra portable restrooms shall be attached to the reservation application.

C. Seating Arrangements
Seating arrangements may include lawn chairs, blankets, and cushions. The premises may not be altered.

D. Access to Electrical Panel
Access to the electrical panel will be provided in the Use Permit.

E. Backstage Parking
Vehicle access is permitted with County approval. Backstage parking is limited to one (1) vehicle. Driveway use is limited to light-duty trucks (one-ton maximum). Vehicles are prohibited outside of designated roadways or parking areas. Parking, driving or stopping any vehicle on turf areas is prohibited at all times.

F. Parking Fees
Parking fees may not be charged. Parking is limited on weekdays. For evening and weekend events, there are 50 parking spaces, plus nearby lots.

G. Beecher Room (at Library)
If, in addition to the Garden Theater, you would like to add the Auburn Library Community Room (Beecher Room), contact the Library at (530) 886-4500 for availability and to make a reservation.






In addition to Park Facility Reservation Procedures and Use Policies the following pertains specifically to the Stewart Community Hall.

A. Daily Use
The dates requested for the reservation shall cover each day Applicant wishes to have access for setting up or for cleaning. For example, if the applicant wishes to set up one day prior to the event they will pay for the day prior and the day of the event. If the applicant wishes to postpone cleaning the Hall until the day after the event they will pay for the day of and the day after the event.

Applicant shall not enter the Stewart Community Hall on any day except the date(s) for which he/she has a confirmed reservation.

B. Amplified Sound
Amplified sound (if permitted) shall end no later than 10:30 PM.

C. Decorations
Decorations may be affixed to the walls with masking tape; however, they are not to be stapled or nailed to the walls.

D. No Smoking
The No Smoking Ordinance shall apply to Stewart Hall. A copy of this Ordinance is posted inside the hall.

E. Rules

  • You must be at least 21 years old to make a reservation at Stewart Hall.
  • A key to the Hall will be issued after the completed Application has been approved, Confirmation Use Permit received, and the walk through with our County Representative has occurred.
  • The key shall be returned after all cleaning is complete and another walk through with our County Representative, within 24 hours after the event or before the next event if less than 24 hours.
  • Doors/Exits shall not be blocked at any time. In compliance with Ordinance 3630 the Hall doors are to remain closed during the event to help keep noise at an acceptable level.

F. Hall Cleaning
For same day reservations, cleaning the Hall shall take place directly following the event. Please allow sufficient time to complete the task by 11:00 PM.

Please follow the guidelines below when cleaning the Hall:

1. All floors must be left clean – change water frequently; rinse mops often or the floors will streak;
2. All restrooms must be left clean and in an orderly manner;
3. All tables and chairs shall be returned to original location.
4. All decorations are to be removed, including removal of tape;
5. Trashcan liners must be kept in trashcans at all times and all garbage must be put in the dumpster at the side of the hall;
6. If the kitchen area is used, it shall be left clean and all utensils shall be washed and put away;
7. Inventory equipment before and after use.

G. Exiting the Hall
When leaving the building, users shall be sure that:

1. All doors and windows are secured;
2. All lights are turned off;
3. The thermostat is turned off;
4. Coolers are turned off.







In addition to Park Facility Reservation Procedures and Use Policies the following pertains specifically to the Bear River Park. Bear River Park consists of a day use area, 23 family campsites & 2 group campsites.

A. Location, Camping Season and Hours

  • · 2500 Campground Road, Colfax CA 95713
  • · Bear River Campground season is April through October.
  • · Day-Use park hours are ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.

B. General

  • No Water
    No water is available at Bear River Park so please be sure to bring your own water.
  • Please Don't Litter
    Thank you for keeping our park clean for everyone to enjoy. Deposit trash in the receptacles provided.
  • Swim At Your Own Risk
    Never swim alone. No lifeguards are on duty. A responsible adult must supervise children swimming. Please use caution during periods of high water, portions of the river may flow rapidly.
  • Fishing is Allowed
    All Fish and Game regulations apply.
  • Motor Vehicles
    Motor vehicles are limited to the maintained roads and parking lots only. Off-road vehicle activity is prohibited anywhere in the park. The State of California Vehicle Code shall be enforced within the park.
  • Wildlife and Plants
    Wildlife and plants including fallen trees are protected within the park and shall be left undisturbed. Please do not collect wood for fires or damage plant growth by cutting, picking, or trampling.
  • Projectiles Prohibited
    Firearms, BB, pellet and paintball guns, bows and arrows, sling shots, and other weapons or projectiles are not permitted in the park.
  • Gold Panning
    Gold panning is permitted. It is unlawful to operate motorized mining equipment in any County Park.

C. Camping

  • Campsite Amenities
    Most sites have upright B-B-Q grills and ground fire pits. There is a picnic table at every site. Vault restrooms are available. There are two community ground fire pits in the group camping area.
  • Fires
    Fires are allowed ONLY in established B-B-Q grills and ground fire pits. Fires are subject to the California Department of Forestry restrictions. Bring your own firewood. Burning wood pallets and trash is prohibited.
  • Quiet Hours
    Quiet hours are strictly enforced between 10 PM and 7 AM. Amplified music is never allowed.
  • Check-In Check-Out Times
    o Check In: after 2:00 PM (day of the first date on Use Permit)
    o Check Out: by 12:00 PM (day following the last date on Use Permit)
  • Maximum Stay
    Maximum Stay at any campground site is fourteen (14) days in any thirty (30) day period and thirty (30) days in any one calendar year.
  • Recreational Vehicles and Tents
    RVs and tents are allowed; however, no guarantee if space is large enough to accommodate. No hook-ups are available. Motor homes and travel trailers over 30' are not recommended due to narrow and steep road conditions.

D. Family Campsites

1. Family Campsites are Available
Family campsites are available on first come, first served basis*. No reservations are accepted. Most campsites are on the river; some are on a tributary creek that feeds into the river. Camping is permitted only in designated areas.

*Please note: Popular holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day usually fill up 3 or 4 days before the actual date.

2. Fees
Fees per family campsite

  • $10.00 per night. It is unlawful to occupy a campsite without having paid the required camping fee. The County shall have the authority to evict or issue a citation to anyone occupying a campsite that has not paid the required fee.
  • $2.00 per night for the second vehicle.
  • $1.00 per night for each dog.

3. Maximum
Maximum per family campsite

  • 8 people
  • 2 vehicles
  • 2 dogs

E. Group Campsites

1. Reservation Requests
Applications are required for reserving the Bear River Group Campsites. The Placer County Facility Services Parks Division reservation phone number is (530) 886-4901. Please be advised that your reservation will not be confirmed until evidence of acceptable insurance coverage and all documents have been submitted and approved by the County.

1ST Business Day after New Year
Reservations will be accepted only between the hours of 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM on the first business day after January 1st. If the phone is busy, please keep trying. Walk-In reservations are not allowed the first week in January. Due to popularity of the Bear River Campgrounds, we suggest that you consider alternate dates. Reserved dates will be updated as they occur online at

2. Insurance Requirements
A $1,000,000 Liability Insurance Policy naming Placer County as Additionally Insured and Insurance Endorsement are required.

3. Fees
Fees per group campsite

  • $75 per day for the entire group campground site
  • $40 per day for half of the group campground site
  • In addition to the fees above, an Application & Deposit fee apply.

4. Maximum Capacity

  • Whole site: 100 people and 35 vehicles
  • Half site: up to 50 people 18 vehicles

5. Deposit
The campground will be inspected after your stay. If it is determined, that the campsite was left clean and undamaged and there were no incidents, a Deposit Claim Form will be sent to the address imprinted on the check within approximately 4-6 weeks after your reservation. Upon receipt of the signed Deposit Claim Form, your deposit will be returned within two to four weeks.

6. Gate Access
The gate must be kept closed and locked at all times. If you are having a large group arriving at different times, you may wish to bring a combination lock for the gate and “chain link” it to the County lock. Be sure to give the combination to your group. Direct or indirect costs incurred to replace the lock will be taken out of the deposit.





In addition to Park Facility Reservation Procedures and Use Policies the following pertains specifically to the Ronald L. Feist Tennis Courts. This facility consists of six courts.

A. Court Availability
Tennis courts may be reserved for tournaments or special events. Please check online at for court availability. An event is any planned activity that is not in the normal course of tennis play. An example is if flyers are passed out or advertising is done to promote the “event.”

  • Courts 1-4 may be reserved.
  • Courts 5 & 6 may not be reserved. They shall be kept open for drop-in play by the general public.
  • ALL COURTS may only be reserved for tennis matches, tournaments, or special events.
  • If the tennis courts are not reserved, the courts are available to the general public on a first come – first served basis.

B. Granite Bay High School
Per Agreement, the Granite Bay High School (“GBHS”) has first right of refusal for reserving the tennis courts for team practices, matches and for physical education classes. GBHS may use all six courts at a time; however, if you arrive to play and find the GBHS team practicing, please feel free to ask the tennis coach if they can make a court available for your use. The GBHS has offered to do so any time they can.

C. Rules

  • Only tennis may be played on these tennis courts. Any other recreational activity requires advance written approval of Placer County.
  • No skateboarding, in-line skating or bicycles are permitted. Violators will be cited.
  • Non-marking tennis shoes only.
  • Plastic bottles only. No glass is permitted in the tennis court area.
  • When players are waiting, play is limited to 1 hour for singles and 1 ½ hours for doubles.
  • Persons may not instruct for pay on these courts unless permission has been granted in writing by Placer County.

D. Maintenance
The tennis courts are maintained by volunteers and may be closed at any time for cleaning. Please wait until the courts are dry to begin playing. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

E. Charging for Lessons
Charging for tennis lessons is not permitted. There shall be no charging of fees for tennis lessons given on Ronald L. Feist Park Tennis Courts.

F. Insurance
Insurance is required for tournaments, special events, or for reservations made by a school.

G. Court Issues
If you encounter any problems at the tennis courts, please contact the County Parks Division from Monday through Friday at (530) 886-4901. To contact a Parks employee on the weekend, check the bulletin board for the telephone number to call.