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Health and Human Services

We are a multi-division agency focused in the health and social services fields. Our services are available throughout the county. We provide a unified system of quality services to safeguard the health and well-being of the people and animals in our communities. To realize our mission, we strive to keep all children, adults, and families:

  • Healthy
  • Safe
  • At home
  • In school or work
  • Out of trouble
  • Self-sufficient

Services and Information

  • Adult Services
    Includes Adult Protective Services, Adult Mental health, In-home supportive services
  • Community Resources
    Includes Support groups for alcohol, drug dependence, suicide, homelessness, wellness center
  • Behavioral Health Managed Care
    Behavioral and mental health services for children and adults
  • Animal Services
    Includes adopting a pet, animal control, and local vets and shelters
  • Environmental Health
    Includes food inspection, monitor health, drinking water, garbage, sewage, dangerous chemicals, and pollution
  • Medical Clinics
    Includes locations, contact information, testing for diseases, referrals, Immunizations
  • Child and Youth
    Includes at-risk children in emergencies and crisis, report child abuse, counseling, sexual abuse treatment
  • Human Services
    Including healthcare coverage, food and nutrition assistance, temporary cash (WIC) and housing assistance, employment services
  • Public Health
    Includes birth and death certificates, foster, infectious diseases, water and tick testing in lab, nursing , pregnant and parenting teens

Department Leadership

Jeffrey S. Brown, MPH, MSW
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Department Director
530.745.3135 (fax)

Robert L. Oldham, M.D.
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Public Health Officer
530.745.3135 (fax)

Graham Knaus
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Assistant Director

Rebecca Mellott
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Administration Division Director

Maureen Bauman, LCSW, MPA
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Adult System of Care Division Director

Richard Knecht, M.S.
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Children’s System of Care Division Director

Wesley Nicks
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Environmental & Public Health Division Director

Cheryl S. Davis, M.S.
Health and Human Services Department (HHS)
Human Services Division Director

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