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Public Authority

The Public Authority negotiates with the local homecare provider’s union to set wages, benefits, and working conditions for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) providers. They offer the following services to IHSS recipients and providers:

  1. Maintain a homecare provider Registry that you can use to find a suitable provider
  2. Investigate the qualifications and background of individuals on the Registry
  3. Help Registry providers and their clients work out difficulties in their relationship
  4. Provide staff support to the County’s IHSS Advisory Committee, which works to improve the Public Authority and the IHSS program.

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Labor Standards Act (FLSA) New Program Requirements 



If you cannot attend an orientation, please review the slide show:

IHSS Overtime Presentation

Maximum Weekly Hours Calculator 

Enter the Monthly Authorized Hours here as: Hours and Minutes


Maximum Weekly Hours:   Hours and Minutes


Overtime is limited if your weekly hours are 40 or less:
If the Maximum Weekly Authorized hours is 40 or less then a provider can work up to 40 hours in any workweek (Sunday to Saturday) without the need to ask for an exception.  Never claim more than the consumers total Monthly Authorized Hours in any month.  No overtime will be paid on cases authorized 40 hours per week or less unless an exception is requested.  

Overtime is limited if your weekly hours are more than 40:
This case includes hours and minutes of "pre-authorized" overtime each workweek. (That is hours and minutes each month).   A provider can be paid for that amount of overtime on this case without asking for an exception.  This is considered the amount of overtime a provider will "normally" work on this case when a single provider works all of the monthly hours authorized.
If this overtime number is zero then the consumer must ask the county for an exception if there is a need for any overtime pay.  Overtime starts after 40 hours per workweek.    
If this overtime number is more than zero, then the consumer does not need to request an exception for a provider to be paid this number of overtime hours and you can adjust which week(s) within the month you work these overtime hours without the need to ask the county for an exception.  Any time a provider would need to work more than this total number of  pre-authorized overtime hours in a month your consumer must ask for an exception.  
If an exception is needed but not requested and approved then the provider will get a violation.  Remember that if a provider works for more than one consumer the provider may never work more than 66 hours per workweek in total from all the consumers the provider works for.   Never claim more than the total monthly authorized hours on a case. 

Please review the mailed notices to understand exception requests and violations.   Generally an exception will be approved if it is for something that directly affects the health or safety of the consumer and it is something unexpected that can't be postponed until later.   Repeated violations can result in penalties up to and including termination of the provider for one year.



Q: How do I mark which hours are Overtime hours on my timesheet?
A: You DO NOT mark them. You write regular hours and overtime hours the same way on your timesheet.  The timesheets are arranged in workweek blocks (Sunday to Saturday).    Whenever the total number of hours you enter in one of those workweek blocks adds up to more than 40 hours then all the hours more than 40 are automatically paid as overtime hours.     The computer will add them and calculate how many are overtime hours.  If you work for more than one consumer all the hours for all the consumers you work for in each workweek block are added together to see how many hours over 40 you may have worked.    Overtime is paid at one and one half times your normal hourly wage rate for all hours above 40 per workweek. 

Q: How do I know how many weekly hours I have?
A: An IHSS consumer has been approved for the number of monthly hours that is printed on the first timesheet you get each month and on the NOA (Notice of Action Page 1) that was sent to the consumer when they were approved for the services.  To determine weekly hours use the calculator on this page.    Starting in February all providers and consumers will be mailed notices that include the monthly and weekly authorized hours for each case.



Timesheet Frequently Asked Questions

IHSS-conversion-table from CMIPS     

Provider Forms and Information

Registry Provider Cover Letter Application

IHSS and Registry Provider Handbook

IHSS and Registry Provider Handbook Addendum

Caregiver Support Group Meetings

Change of Address Form

Direct Deposit Form - Please mail completed Direct Deposit Forms to: Provider Enrollment Processing Center, P.O. Box 1120, Roseville, CA 95678


Public Authority Contact Phone List 

IHSS/PA Call Center 530-889-7115
Public Authority 530-886-3680
IHSS Payroll Unit 530-889-7135
Provider Enrollment A-I 530-886-3688
Provider Enrollment J-Z 530-886-3689
Registry Specialist A-G 530-886-3685
Registry Specialist H-N 530-886-3687
Registry Specialist O-Z 530-886-3684
IHSS Provider Help Desk 866-376-7066
Placer County Worker’s Comp Liaison 530-886-3680
United Domestic Workers Union 916-751-2450
Placer County Fraud Investigation 916-784-6180
Adult Protective Service 916-787-8860
Child Protective Service 916-872-6549
IHSS Enrollment 916-787-8860

Mailing Address:

IHSS / Public Authority

11512 B Ave., Auburn, CA 95603