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Placer County, CA
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  • Jobs, Benefits, and Business

    Includes veterans' benefits, starting and running a business, unemployment, County job openings, and selling to the County.

  • Law and Justice

    Includes the courts, most wanted, law enforcement, child support enforcement, sealing record, victims' services, and jury duty.

  • Building, Property, and Home

    Includes planning, building codes and permits, owning and renting a property, and property tax assessments.

  • Health and Family Care

    Includes child and adult health service, food stamps, foster care, mental health, in-home nurse, substance abuse, and child support.

  • Birth, Death, and Marriage

    Includes bereavement, certificates and vital records, and divorce.

  • Environment and Agriculture

    Includes air quality and burn days, garbage and recycling, sewer, conservation, and green energy financing.

  • Animal Services

    Includes adopting a pet, animal control, and local vets and shelters.

  • County and Government

    Includes information on the buildings, county, codes, departments, projects, representation, and voting.

  • Community and Recreation

    Includes activities and events, parks, museums, libraries, and volunteerism.

  • Taxes and Financial Reports

    Property taxes, business taxes, transient occupancy taxes, fines, and financial reports.

  • Transportation and Travel

    Includes passports, bus schedules, and road maintenance.

  • Safety and Emergency

    Includes forest fires and floods, emergency preparation, and emergency response.

300 Dependency Minors

Dependency Minors are minors who have been abused, neglected, and/or abandoned pursuant to Section 300 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.

Minor and family involved with Children and Family Services for the following reasons

  • The Dependency process begins:
    • when someone reports suspected child abuse or neglect
    • when a minor is left without support as a result of parents incarceration or  institutionalization
    • parent unwilling to provide care.

300 Dependency Process

  • An Investigation is completed by the Family and Children Services Department.
  • A referral could be made to the Dependency Court and your child may need to appear in Dependency Court.

Crisis Resolution Center

  • Provides services to pre-delinquent youth and their families through a collaborative and integrated multi-disciplinary approach.
  • The intent is to provide services to minors who are runaways, truants, beyond parents control and minors who are at risk for committing law violations.
  • The Crisis Resolution Center provides short term shelter care, crisis intervention counseling, and follow up outreach services.

Crisis Resolution Center Services

  • Family reunification
  • Functional Family Therapy
  • Runaway shelter
  • Community service referrals
  • Diversion/prevention services

Dual Jurisdiction

  • A youth is a dependent under 300 W&I (a minor involved with Children and Family Services) and a Ward of the Court under 602 W&I (a minor who has committed a crime).
  • The goal of dual jurisdiction is to provide services that are in the best interest of the youth and to ensure the protection and safety of the youth/community.
  • Family and Children Services or Probation will take the lead on the minor’s case.