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Elder Abuse Prevention

The primary mission and philosophy of the Placer County's District Attorney's office is to preserve public safety, enhance the quality of life in the county, prosecute criminals, assist victims and survivors and protect the health and well being of all citizens.

To carry out this mission and philosophy to protect our older citizens The Placer County District Attorney's Office has established many special programs to serve the Elder population of Placer County and the region.

The Placer County District Attorney is one of the first local prosecutors in the country to take a leadership role to establish a special unit in the office with specially trained staff to develop programs designed to provide information to our elder citizens and there families and to aggressively prosecute those who dare to take advantage of our senior citizens.

To insure optimal service, education and protection of elder citizens the District Attorney has established a comprehensive and collaborative plan to protect elders, prevent abuse to elders and provide education to elders and their families. This comprehensive collaborative effort is known as CAMET. The Community And Multidisciplinary Elder Team. The agencies listed on this page have pledged cooperation to use best efforts to serve elder citizens and their families.

This web page is one small part of our collaborative and comprehensive efforts to provide education and information to our citizens so that crimes against elders can be prevented. This web page will also provide information for the reporting of abuse or even suspicious circumstances related to our elder citizens.

Abuse of Elders falls into two general categories:Physical abuse and Financial abuse. Neither will be tolerated in Placer County.

The now popularized notion of the "Greatest generation" only serves to confirm that we have an obligation to insure that our elder citizens enjoy the quality of life they so richly deserve. In Placer County the security and the many pleasures of growing older will not be undermined by criminals. We hope you will familiarize yourself with all of the information provided so that you can join the Placer County District Attorney's office in the fight against Elder abuse. We want our citizens and their families to enjoy the senior years as much as possible and we will continue to work to ensure that they do.

Please review the information available at this site and its many links. We believe that this information will allow you and those that you love to avoid all forms of elder abuse.

If you suspect or want to report Elder Abuse call your local law enforcement agency 24 hours per day or Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to the District Attorney's Victims Services Center Elder Abuse Unit at 916-543-8000. If it is an emergency please dial 911.