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Parcel / Subdivision Tax Estimates

Placer County Code, Section 16.16.050 (c) requires that, all final maps be accompanied by proof of payment of taxes and assessments from the Tax Collector prior to the time the final map is set for hearing before the Placer County Board of Supervisors. Pursuant to California Government Code, Section 66493, property owners or sub dividers shall pay all taxes and special assessments which are a lien against the property, including those which are not yet due and payable at the time the final parcel/subdivision map is recorded.

Real property taxes become a lien against the property on January 1st preceding each fiscal year. Therefore, if the map will be recorded after January 1st, a prepayment of the following fiscal year estimated tax bill must be paid. Supplemental taxes become a lien on the date of event. Please click on the links below for instructions and an application.