([ { "title" : "Status of Tahoe Basin Community Plan Update to be presented at Board of Supervisors meeting", "summary" : "At the next regularly scheduled Placer County Board of Supervisors meeting at Lake Tahoe, staff will present the status of the Tahoe Basin Community...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/status-of-tahoe-basin-community-plan-update-bos-meeting", "date" : "20140418T123000" }, { "title" : "Board of Supervisors set for Two-Day Meeting in Tahoe City", "summary" : "Next Monday and Tuesday, April 21 and 22, 2014, the Placer County Board of Supervisors will travel to Tahoe City for its regular Board meeting. Three...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/bos-set-for-two-day-meeting-in-tahoe-city", "date" : "20140418T003000" }, { "title" : "Large Emergency Drill at Colfax High - Saturday, April 26th", "summary" : "Residents need not be alarmed if they spot scores of emergency vehicles at Colfax High School on Saturday, April 26. Emergency agencies from...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/colfax-high-emergency-drill", "date" : "20140416T160000" }, { "title" : "Refinancing Results in Debt-Service Savings; Credit Rating Upgraded", "summary" : "Placer County earned a significant savings and a higher credit rating recently when it refinanced municipal bonds originally issued to help finance...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/refinancing-results-in-debt-service savings", "date" : "20140415T163000" }, { "title" : "County Coordinating Agency Drought Response", "summary" : "Despite a series of storms that dropped precipitation onto Placer County after an exceptionally dry winter, seasonal rainfall totals remain low for a...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/county coordinating drought response", "date" : "20140411T143000" }, { "title" : "Legislation Improving Benefits for Veterans Gets Supervisors' Support", "summary" : "Placer County is exemplary when it comes to honoring the men and women who have served their nation as members of the armed forces. One of the...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/support for legislation that will assist veterans office", "date" : "20140411T143000" }, { "title" : "Supervisors Encourage Residents to Participate in Big Day of Giving", "summary" : "The Placer County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to endorse an innovative one-day fund-raising campaign set to be held Tue., May 6 for local...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/big day of giving", "date" : "20140410T160000" }, { "title" : "Placer Ranked Second Healthiest County in California", "summary" : "Placer County ranked No. 2 overall among 58 California counties in the annual County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. The Rankings measure health...", "link" : "/news/2014/april/placer ranked second healthiest county", "date" : "20140404T123000" }, {} ]);