([ { "title" : "Continuing Drought Spurs More Water Saving Measures", "summary" : "As the lingering effects of a multi-year drought continue to cast their parched shadow on much of California, Placer County continues to take steps...", "link" : "/news/2014/august/drought spurs more water saving measures", "date" : "20140801T103000" }, { "title" : "Placer County And Partners Addressing Truckee River Trash Impacts", "summary" : "With the commercial rafting operations on the Truckee River over for the year, Placer County is working with partners to provide cleanup of the trash...", "link" : "/news/2014/july/placer county partnering to address truckee river trash", "date" : "20140731T153000" }, { "title" : "Hidden Falls Regional Park Receives Grant", "summary" : "Placer County’s “gem of the foothills,” Hidden Falls Regional Park, is the recipient of a grant that will fund innovative projects...", "link" : "/news/2014/july/hidden falls regional park improvements", "date" : "20140731T140000" }, { "title" : "District 5 Satellite Office Opens in Tahoe City ", "summary" : "An office suite in a Placer County owned building in Tahoe City was recently retrofitted and now provides shared office space for Fifth District...", "link" : "/news/2014/july/new dist 5 office in tahoe city", "date" : "20140725T100000" }, { "title" : "Construction is Coming Soon to Interstate 80 in South Placer", "summary" : "Caltrans will begin work to raise the vertical clearance of nine structures in Placer County that cross Interstate 80. The overcrossings include...", "link" : "/news/2014/june/raise80-construction", "date" : "20140606T163000" }, {} ]);