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Placer County, CA
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County to Consider Alternative Service Delivery Methods

August 09, 2010

During the Placer County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 10, staff will provide an update on alternative county service delivery options which could help Placer County provide services more cost-effectively. The item will be reviewed at 9:45 a.m.

None of the options recommend layoffs to reduce county workforce.

Instead, several recommendations call for Placer County to consider hiring private contractors to provide some services that traditionally have been provided by county employees. Contractors selected through a competitive bid process might be considered in situations where county staff positions are unfilled because of attrition, where there are new responsibilities, or where existing employees might be asked to fill different assignments.

Another option being considered is contracting out the services of Placer County employees to other government agencies as a county revenue source in some cases.

During the February 23, 2010 strategic Budget and Policy Briefing the Board authorized the County Executive Officer to return with concepts for long term structural changes to county service delivery. While reducing long term costs was a key factor in the development of the concepts, several other factors were also considered. Those factors included insuring cost-effective and high quality services, valuing existing employees, maintaining flexibility in responding to service needs, insuring that service delivery methods are sustainable, and recognizing the value of competition for service delivery.

Specific departments with options to be discussed include Facility Services parks and custodial services, Public Works’ Placer Commuter Express, Administrative Services Telecommunications, Health and Human Services’ Auburn Dental Clinic and Community Development Resources Agency Engineering and Surveying Contract Service.

The board meeting will be held in the County Administrative Center, 175 Fulweiler Ave., Auburn.

Additional information about the proposal and other Board items is available on the County website, (go to the Board of Supervisors Agenda for Aug. 10.) The Board meeting may also be viewed live on the county website.