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Placer County, CA
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Community Groups to Assist With Animal Adoption Fees

September 02, 2010

During September, Placer County Animal Services, Placer SPCA and A New Hope Animal Foundation have partnered to encourage the adoption of homeless cats and dogs to good homes. Many homeless animals are currently housed at the Placer County Animal shelters in Auburn and Tahoe Vista.

dogs available for adoption from Placer county Animal Services
Adopting animals from the Placer County Shelter will be easier in
September, thanks to two community groups.
Adopt an adult cat one year or older from either of these Placer County shelter and the Placer SPCA will rebate adopters the full adoption costs through their new Rebates for Rescues program.

A New Hope Animal Foundation is offering $50 off the adoption costs for black kittens. In addition, they are offering $50 to $75 off of the adoption costs for selected dogs at the county animal shelters.

Mike Winters, Program Manager, Placer County Animal Services, said he is thrilled to have the support of these two non profit animal welfare groups. “We have amazing animals waiting for loving homes, and if this encourages people to come and take a look, I’m delighted.”

“The ongoing recession has created more homeless animals, which means shelters have less ability to assist them,” Winters said. “If you can offer a good home to one of these loving animals, our agencies stand ready to help you by reducing the cost.”

Leilani Vierra ,CEO of the Placer SPCA, and Lynn Howe, founder of A New Hope Animal Foundation agree that both organizations are committed to working toward a day when all adoptable companion animals in Placer County have loving homes.

Please call 530.886.5540 or 530.886.5541 for information about these discounted and free-to-good homes adoption programs.