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Auburn Folsom Road Work Will Resume When Warm, Dry Weather Arrives

February 23, 2011

Construction work on Auburn Folsom Road in Granite Bay is scheduled to resume as soon as the ground is dry and at least a two-week window of warm, dry weather appears on the horizon.

Western Engineering Contractors, Placer County’s contractor on the project, needs an extended period of warm, dry days to resume efficient paving construction of southbound lanes for the middle phase of the three-phase project. The paving work may have to wait until as late as summer to complete.

During the middle phase of the project, Auburn Folsom is being widened from 1,500 feet south of Eureka Road to 1,500 feet north of Oak Hill Drive.

Paving work on the new northbound lanes was completed last fall. After the southbound lanes are paved, the contractor will install a sound-reducing open-grade pavement overlay and do the final pavement striping on both the northbound and southbound lanes.

The Placer County Public Works Department anticipates the middle phase will be completed this summer.

If funding is available, Public Works hopes to start construction work on the third and final phase during the summer of 2012. It calls for widening Auburn Folsom from south of Eureka to Douglas Boulevard.

The first phase of the widening project was completed in 2009. In that phase, the roadway was widened from Placer County’s border with the city of Folsom to north of Oak Hill.

The approximate $24 million in funding required to construct this project is derived primarily from developer impact fees, but $2 million was provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.