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Placer County, CA
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Supervisors Consider Resolution Honoring March As National Women’s History Month

March 01, 2011

The Placer County Board of Supervisors will honor National Women’s History Month with a resolution that will be presented at the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting on March 22, 2011. The resolution will also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the woman’s suffrage amendment to the California Constitution.

On Oct. 10, 1911, California’s men voted to extend the right to vote to all women in the state, becoming the sixth state in the nation to do so. A greater percentage of men living in rural areas such as Placer County voted to give women voting rights than did their counterparts in urban area. In 1912, the first year after the approval of voting rights for women, 2,321 females in Placer County registered to vote bringing the total number of registered voters to 6,572. The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which nationally gave women the right to vote, was ratified nine years after California voted for political equity. The County currently has 198,984 registered voters, of which 105,350 are female.

“For someone my age, it's hard to envision an era when women were excluded from this precious right and how hard their fight must have been. I'm pleased to live in a time that is much more inclusive,” said Robert Weygandt, Chairman of the Placer County Board of Supervisors. “This resolution is an opportunity to celebrate this moment in history, cherish the sacred value of the precious republic given to us by our predecessors and remember our obligation to continue to perfect it.”

Placer County’s Bernhard Museum in Auburn is hosting a tea on Sat., March 26, 2011 to promote the resolution and the historic month. That event will be from 2:00 p.m. until 4 p.m. At the Supervisors’ meeting on March 22, the resolution will be presented to Diana Madoshi, Placer County resident and co-chair of the California Women’s Suffrage Centennial, which is a non-partisan group of individuals and statewide organizations that promote California's women. The Committee is comprised of individuals representing the:

  • California League of Women Voters;
  • National Women's History Project;
  • American Association of University Women;
  • Commission on the Status of Women; and
  • California Women Agenda.