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Redevelopment Agency Board OKs North Lake Tahoe Plan

May 25, 2011

The Placer County Board of Supervisors, sitting as the County Redevelopment Agency Board, on Tuesday approved a Five-Year Implementation Plan for the North Lake Tahoe Redevelopment Area. The Board voted 5-0 to approve the Plan after a public hearing.

As required by state law, the Placer County Redevelopment Agency must adopt implementation plans for redevelopment areas every five years. The Plan addressed by the Board today will be valid into 2016. The Plan includes information on goals, proposed programs, affordable housing, projects and expenditures and explains how the Plan will alleviate blight. The Board’s approval of the Plan will give the Agency general direction, but does not authorize any specific projects.

The North Lake Tahoe Project Area is 1,731-acres and includes the Tahoe City/Tahoe Gateway, Lake Forest, Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista and Stateline communities. Several existing residential areas within these communities are not within the Project Area boundaries; however, the majority of the commercial corridors fall within the Area’s boundaries. All of the North Lake Tahoe Redevelopment Project Area lies within the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) jurisdiction. The areas include:

  • The Tahoe City community, with approximately 693 acres;
  • The Tahoe City Gateway area, with approximately 41 acres;
  • Lake Forest is between Tahoe City and Carnelian Bay; and
  • The Kings Beach and Tahoe Vista communities, which encompass about 995 acres.

The Plan has five elements: Elimination of Blight; Improvement of the Environment; Community Redevelopment; Improvement of Public Infrastructure; and Increasing Housing Opportunities.

Some of the Plan’s accomplishments include:

  • Kings Beach Eastern Gateway, Land Assembly and Brownfield Cleanup
  • Scattered Sites Affordable Housing Development, Kings Beach
  • Kings Beach and Tahoe City Parking Lots
  • Kings Beach and Tahoe City Gateway Monument Signs
  • Swiss Mart Brownfield Cleanup
  • Heritage Plaza Improvements, Tahoe City
  • Tahoe City Marina Sewer Pump Station Improvements
  • Commercial Properties Rehabilitation Assistance
  • Housing Rehabilitation Assistance

The Plan attempts to consolidate small and irregular lots, and improve deteriorated properties and public facilities to eliminate blight. With parking limitations in commercial core areas of the North Shore, the Plan also is working on increasing parking.

An important part of the Plan is to build new and improve existing housing to increase affordable housing. The Domus Scattered Sites Affordable Housing Development in Kings Beach will construct 77 units at five sites and is under construction.

Future and ongoing projects in the Redevelopment area that the Redevelopment Agency is involved in include:

  • BB, LLC Mixed Use Community Enhancement Program (CEP) Kings Beach
  • Tahoe City Transit Center Project
  • Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project
  • Parking Lot Property Acquisition and Construction in Commercial Districts
  • Ferrari Resort Kings Beach CEP Project
  • Tahoe City Wye Improvements
  • Lake Forest Water District/Tahoe City PUD Project
  • Tahoe Housing Rehab Assistance Program
  • Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Improvements
  • Commercial Loan Program

The BOS also directed that RDA staff return with a more specific list of near- and long-term priorities for the next Supervisors' meeting in Tahoe, tentatively scheduled for July 25 and 26.