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Placer County Charter Review Committee to Meet in Auburn

August 04, 2012

The Placer County Charter Review Committee will meet on Wed., Aug. 8, 2012, from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the County Administrative Center, 175 Fulweiler Ave., in Auburn, in Conference Room A.

The committee was created to review and evaluate the County Charter, a governing document approved by voters in 1980 that provides a level of flexibility in local decision making. The charter also contains provisions that guide the organizational structure, duties and responsibilities of elected and appointed officials.

The 2012 review committee was finalized in June and is comprised of seven members; one appointed by each of the five supervisors and two other at-large public representatives selected by the Board. Topics for review by the committee can come from the Board of Supervisors, other elected or appointed county officials, the committee, the public, other agencies or county employees. Any recommendations for changes or additions proposed by the committee will go to the Board of Supervisors for review. Changes supported by the Board will go to county voters for consideration.

The County Charter requires the board convene a Charter Review Committee every five years. The last review committee met in 2007-08. For additional information, please contact Bekki Riggan in the County Executive Office at 530-889-4030.