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Legislative Program

2017 Legislative Platform

Placer County’s Legislative Platform is a summary of the priorities of the Board of Supervisors and establishes the basis for its advocacy efforts with the Executive and Legislative branches of the U.S. Government and the State of California regarding legislation and regulation.  +more

The annual Platform contains general principles, key issues, and specific proposals of interest for the legislative year. Implementation of the Platform throughout the legislative year is structured to proactively frame sponsorship, support, and advocacy regarding key legislative and regulatory priorities while also monitoring numerous bills. Actions are taken through collaboration with subject matter experts in departments, engagement of elected-officials and other interested parties.

Legislative Advocacy Contracts and Legislative Contact Information

Staff Report from December 9, 2015 BOS Meeting requesting approval of 2016 Legislative Advocacy Contracts 

State Advocacy Contract - Shaw / Yoder / Antwih, Inc.

Federal Advocacy Contract - Holland and Knight

2016 Legislative Contact Information

Board of Supervisors Letters to State or Federal Representatives in Support or Opposition of Bills

Staff Reports to Board of Supervisors Regarding Legislation

Helpful Links Regarding State and Federal Legislation

Prior Years Legislative Platforms