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Road Construction Project Update: Foresthill Road Safety Improvement Project.

February 01, 2013

A section of Foresthill Road near Old Auburn Foresthill Road will will be upgraded and realigned for safety.
A section of Foresthill Road near Old Auburn Foresthill Road will will be upgraded
and realigned for safety.
The Foresthill Road Safety Improvement Project is located on Foresthill Road at the intersection of Old Auburn Foresthill Road and extends approximately 3,000 feet towards Foresthill. The primary project improvements included are increased sight distance at the intersection of Foresthill Road and Old Auburn Foresthill Road, construction of a 26 foot tall retaining wall which allowed for curve radius reduction and realignment, repaving approximately 1,200 linear feet with a high friction surface, and roadway drainage improvements. This project is primarily funded by the Federal Highway Safety High Risk Rural Roads and the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Programs with local traffic fees matching funds as required.

Currently the project area remains a Construction Zone and is appropriately signed with a 35 mph speed limit to maintain safe driving conditions within the construction zone. At this time the roadway is in a temporary configuration with temporary striping and temporary construction signage. Major construction activities have been temporarily suspended during the colder winter months, but the Contractor is still maintaining storm water erosion control measures, and traffic control devices at this time.

The project is scheduled for completion at the beginning of summer. Remaining project work includes a high friction top lift of pavement which should smooth out the pavement, final permanent striping for permanent alignment and reconfiguration of the intersection, final permanent traffic signage, installation of the recessed centerline pavement markers, and installation of the centerline rumble strip. Placer County appreciates your patience as we complete this road safety project for our community.