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Bond Screening Committee


The Bond Screening Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on matters of assessment district and community facility district proceedings, including bonds, which may come before the Board of Supervisors.

Conflict of Interest - Yes


The Bond Screening Committee shall consist of the Director of Public Works, the County Assessor, the Director of Health and Human Services, the Director of Facility Services, the County Executive Officer, the Planning Director, the County Treasurer-Tax Collector, the County Auditor/Controller, the Director of the Community Development Resources Agency and the Director of Engineering Services for the Community Development Resources Agency. The members shall select a chairperson and a vice-chairperson by majority vote. Any officer may from time-to-time designate one of his or her subordinates to act as member in their place as though the officer were personally present, including the right to be counted in constituting a member and to vote upon any and all matters. (Ord. 5406-B effective May 4, 2006) Members serve at the Pleasure of the Board.


The Committee shall schedule regular meetings or meet upon the call of the Chairman.


Members shall serve without compensation.


Michael Johnson, CD/RA Director
3091 County Center Dr. Suite 120
Auburn, CA 95603

Current Members

Seat Name Represents Term Appointed By
1 Ken Grehm Public Works Board Pleasure


2 Kristen Spears Assessor's Office Board Pleasure


3 Jeffrey Brown Health and Human Services Board Pleasure


4 Mary Dietrich Facility Services Board Pleasure


5 David Boesch County Executive Office Board Pleasure


6 Michael Johnson Planning Board Pleasure


7 Jenine Windeshausen Treasurer/Tax Collector Board Pleasure


8 Andrew Sisk Auditor/Controller Board Pleasure


9 Michael Johnson CDRA Board Pleasure


10 Richard Eiri Engineering and Surveying Board Pleasure