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Deferred Compensation Committee


Creation of an appropriate mechanism for administration of money and other assets resulting from compensation deferred under the Plan; administer the Plan for participating employees, retirees and beneficiaries, including necessary research, request for proposals and follow up on possible providers. Contracting with a private person, corporation, institution or other entity directly or through a state agency, for services necessary to the administration of the Plan including, without limitation, consolidated billing, the keeping of records for each participating employee in the Plan, the purchase, lease and safeguarding of assets, programs for communication and education of employees, administration of the Plan. Obtain advice of qualified counsel when appropriate, establish objectives and policies relating to investments, discharge its duties regarding each decision made in administering the Plan, solely in the interests of the Plan. Make decisions using the following standard: under the circumstances existing at the time of the decision, the decision a prudent person who is familiar with similar investments while acting in a similar capacity in conducting an enterprise of similar character and purpose. Not less than every 12 months, the committee shall consider the advisability of soliciting proposals from qualified providers.

Conflict of Interest - Yes


The Auditor-Controller or designee; Treasurer-Tax Collector or designee; County Executive Officer or designee; Personnel Director or designee; One representative of the miscellaneous employees associations; One representative of the Deputy Sheriff's Association; One representative of a Placer County retired employee. Election of a new or re-election of the Chair shall occur as the first item of business at the first quarterly meeting of the committee in the calendar year, elected by majority vote of current members. The Chair shall serve a two year term and be eligible for re-election. When a vacancy on the Committee exists for the retired employees member, nominations for a replacement and alternate shall be submitted by the Committee to the BOS for appointment, serving a two year term. The employee association representative shall be designated by the respective employee association. Resignation must be received in writing by the Chair. All representative members may be removed with good cause by a 3/4 vote of the remaining committee members.


Quarterly. The dates, time and place to be determined by the Chair. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Chair or the CEO. Notice and Agenda posting shall comply with the Brown Act, CA Gov't Code Sec. 54950 et seq. A quorum of at least four Committee members must be present. If the Chair is absent, the CEO shall Chair, if both are absent, the order shall be Treasurer-Tax Collector, Auditor Controller, Personnel Director shall Chair in that order. The Chair shall designate a staff person to act as Secretary who shall be responsible for keeping records of actions, taking of minutes, meeting announcements, posting agendas, distributing copies and assuring appropriate records are maintained.


Members shall receive no compensation for their services; however, any member traveling on official business for the Committee shall be reimbursed for his actual and necessary traveling expense.


Personnel Department
145 Fulweiler Ave
Auburn, CA 95603

Current Members

Seat Name Represents Term Appointed By Expires
1 Auditor-Controller, Andy Sisk Auditor Controller Board Pleasure Office
2 Treasurer/Tax Collector, Jenine Windeshausen Treas/Tax Collector Board Pleasure Office
3 Andy Heath County Executive Office Board Pleasure County Executive
4 Lori Walsh Personnel Board Pleasure Office
5 Matthew Bartholomew PPEO Board Pleasure PPEO
6 Noah Frederito Dep Sheriff's Assoc Board Pleasure Dep Sheriff's Assoc
7 Paul Jacobson Placer County Retired Employee 2-years Committee 5/20/2016