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Placer County, CA
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Placer County Older Adult Advisory Commission


To provide a voice for older adults in county government. To advise the Board of Supervisors and the Dept. of Health and Human Services on matters relating to the creation and delivery of services promoting well-being and quality of life for older adults.

Conflict of Interest - No


All members shall reside or work within the County, have an interest in issues affecting older adults. Members shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors. 1 rep from each District (5), 3 Public-at-Large, 1 Older Adult Collaborative, 2 A4AA Governing Board/Advisory Committee Member, 1 CA Sr. Legislature Member, 1 Minority rep, 6 Senior Service Organizations members for a total voting membership of 19. 3 non-voting members, 1 Board of Supervisors or designee, 1 Health and Human Services Liaison, and 1 rep from the Area 4 Agency on Aging.


3rd Tuesday of every month at 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Auburn Library Beecher Room, 350 Nevada Street, quarterly in Loomis (when possible).


Commission members shall serve without compensation. However; appointed members shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred while performing official duties.


Cheryl Trenwith, Public Authority Manager
11512 B Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603

Current Members

Seat Name Represents Term Appointed By Expires
1 Irwin A. Herman, MD Distric 1 3-years Board of Supervisors 10/19/2014
2 Vacant Seat District 2 3-years Board of Supervisors
3 Al Gonzalez District 3 3-years Board of Supervisors 5/6/2017
4 Suzanne Jones District 4 3-year Board of Supervisors 5/20/2017
5 Vacant Seat District 5 3-year Board of Supervisors
6 David Wiltsee Public-at-Lrg 3-years Board of Supervisors 7/8/2017
7 William Reed Public-at-Lrg 3-years Board of Supervisors 5/6/2017
8 Antoinette Fabela Public-at-Lrg 3-years Board of Supervisors 5/8/2015
9 Vacant Seat Older Adult Collab 3-year Board of Supervisors
10 Vacant Seat A4AA Gov Bd/Adv Cmtee Mbr 3-years Board of Supervisors
11 Sue Dings A4AA Gov Bd/Adv Cmte Mbr 3-year Board of Supervisors 8/31/2014
12 Vacant Seat CA Sr Leg Mbr 3-years Board of Supervisors
13 Gloria Plasencia Minority 3-years Board of Supervisors 6/12/2016
14 Ignacio Cespedes Sr Svc Org 3-year Board of Supervisors 9/13/2014
15 Candace Roeder Sr Svc Org 3-years Board of Supervisors 12/13/2014
16 Karla Gustafson Sr Svc Org 3-years Board of Supervisors 1/27/2015
17 Eldon Luce Sr Svc Org 3-year Board of Supervisors 4/9/2016
18 Vacant Seat Sr. Svc Org 3-years Board of Supervisors
19 Margaret Reilly Sr Svc Org 3-years Board of Supervisors 1/27/2015
20 Jim Holmes Board of Supervisors 3-year Board of Supervisors Board Pleasure
21 Cheryl Trenwith HHS Liaison 3-year Board of Supervisors 8/24/2015
22 Nancy Vasquez A4A on Aging Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors Board Pleasure