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Solid Waste Local Task Force


Advises the Board of Supervisors on all matters pertaining to solid waste management but has no authority of its own.

Conflict of Interest - No


Composed of 16 members: 1 from each of the cities; 1 from the Board of Supervisors; 1 from each franchise waste hauler; 1 from the landfill operator;1 from the MRF operator; 1 from an environmental group; 1 from the Planning Commission; and 3 at-large members to represent the general public to serve at the pleasure of the area they serve. At-large members to serve at the pleasure of the Board.


The first Thursday of February, May, August, and November at 9:00 a.m.


Members shall receive no compensation for their services; however, any member traveling on official business for the Council shall be reimbursed for his actual and necessary traveling expense.


Rebecca Lillis, Facility Services
11476 C Ave
Auburn, CA 95603

Current Members

Seat Name Alternate  Represents Term Appointed By
1 David Boesch Gretchen Nedved Board of Supervisors Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
2 Davin Whittington Shelly Tilley  City of Roseville City Pleasure City of Roseville
3 Wes Heathcock Terry Rodrique City of Lincoln City Pleasure City of Lincoln
4 Justin Nartker Scott Yuill City of Rocklin City Pleasure City of Rocklin
5 Megan Siren Bernie Schroeder City of Auburn City Pleasure City of Auburn
6 Robin Faires Karen Pierce City of Colfax City Pleasure City of Colfax
7 Brian Fragiao Vacant Town of Loomis Town Pleasure Town of Loomis
8 John Rowe Sue Dossa Recology Auburn Placer Board Pleasure Recology Auburn Placer
9 David Achiro Bert Wallace  Tahoe Truckee Disp Board Pleasure Tahoe Truckee Disp
10 Richard Johnson N/A Planning Commission Commission Pleasure Planning Commission
11 Sue Stack N/A Environmental Group Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
12 Sue Ingle N/A Public At-Large Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
13 Orel Jackson, Jr. N/A Public At-Large Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
14 Dan Sokol N/A Public At-Large Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
15 Paul Szura Vacant Landfill Ops/Nortech Landfill Inc. Pleasure WRSL WRSL
16 Steve Zoucha Vacant MRF Op Board Pleasure Nortech