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West Placer Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

The West Placer Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) is comprised of five citizens, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, who serve without compensation. They are to advise the Board of Supervisors on matters specifically referred to it by the Board of Supervisors for review and recommendation. This includes review of proposed projects and related topics of interest in the Dry Creek Community and may provide written recommendations that offer suggested changes or support.

The MAC is also tasked with gathering input from the community on matters of concern, such as land use, roads, public health and safety, fire protection, law enforcement and parks. Input received from the community is not limited to comments received at a MAC meeting. Community input may be received via letter, email or attendance at another meeting, such as a Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors' meeting, or Supervisor's coffee meetings. MACs should encourage and inform the public when there are other opportunities to provide input.

The MAC shall comply with any rules, regulations, and procedures contained in the MAC Manual and approved by the Board of Supervisors. In absence of procedures to the contrary, the MAC shall be governed by Robert's Rules of order. The MAC shall keep all record of its actions in a form prescribed by the Placer County Auditor. (Res. 2005-22)

Schedules can change and meetings are occasionally cancelled, so call 530-889-4010 to confirm meeting dates, times and locations.

Meeting Schedule

Here is a calendar showing monthly MAC meetings, with information on locations.

Agendas and Minutes


2016 Agendas and Minutes

For archived agendas and minutes, contact us at 530-889-4010 or


Alicia Butler

John R. Hottel

Carolyn Riolo

Darryl Osborne

Walter Wyllie