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Middle Fork Project Finance Authority

Seal of Placer County and Logo of Placer County Water Agency

County of Placer Authority Purpose: The Middle Fork Project Finance Authority was established to serve the mutual interests of Placer County and Placer County Water Agency (PCWA), exclusively, to provide for the other costs that may be required to obtain a new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license or which may be completed under the current or subsequent FERC license of the Middle Fork American River Project (MFP) by PCWA , to approve Future Electrical Energy Sales, and to distribute the revenues from future electrical energy sales.

Governing Board Structure: 4 member Board of Directors consisting of 2 members of the Placer County Board of Supervisors and 2 members of the Placer County Water Agency Board of Directors. The Board is known as the “Board of Directors of the Middle Fork Project Finance Authority” (MFPFA).

Authority of the MFPFA (a Joint Powers Authority): Approval of any new power sale contracts is delegated to the Authority by both the County and PCWA. All revenues from the power sale contracts will flow through the Authority to provide for debt repayment and operations and maintenance of the MFP.


Meetings are held on the third Thursday of January, April, July and October at 10:00 a.m. in the American River Room, Placer County Water Agency, 144 Ferguson Road Auburn, CA

  • County Contact Person
    Beverly Roberts, Executive Secretary
    (530) 889-4031
  • PCWA Contact Person
    Cheri Sprunck, Agency Secretary/Clerk of the Board
    (530) 823-4860

Authority Members

Placer County Water Agency

  • Primo Santini, PCWA Board of Directors, District 2
  • Mike Lee, PCWA Board of Directors, District 3

County of Placer

  • Robert Weygandt, Placer County Supervisor, District 2
  • Jim Holmes, Placer County Supervisor, District 3