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Placer County, CA
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Law and Justice

Includes the courts, jail, law enforcement, most wanted, probation officer, victims' services, sealing a record, jury duty etc.

  • Apply for Child SupportApply and enforce child support orders, including establishment and modifications of child support
  • JailLocations of county jails, Juvenile detention facility, posting bail, jail visitation, jail inmate list
  • Report a CrimeReport a non-emergency crime online
  • Concealed Weapon PermitApply for concealed weapon permit, set up appointment
  • Most WantedList of probation violators and Sheriff's most wanted
  • CourtPlacer County Superior Court includes Civil, Criminal, Drug, Juvenile, and Traffic Courts
  • Legal AlternativesIncludes mediation, restraining orders and small claims courts
  • California Penal CodeCalifornia Penal Code
  • California Vehicle CodeA listing of California's Vehicle Code
  • Victim SupportIncludes crisis intervention, case status, and counseling referrals
  • Victim NotificationIncludes victim notification, offender custody, sign up for notification of offender's status
  • Witness NotificationIncludes information on what to do when you are a witness and receive a subpoena
  • Legal Self-HelpFind out more about California‚Äôs court system
  • Grand JuryAddresses the investigation of government on behalf of the citizens or the district attorney
  • Cannot Afford LawyerAttorney appointed by county to defend people charged with crimes who cannot afford to hire one
  • Local Police DepartmentsFind your local police department

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