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King Fire Update: The King Fire is currently at 82,018 acres with 17% containment. The following intersections are closed to the public: Mosquito Ridge at Gorman Ranch, Foresthill Divide at Soda Springs, and Foresthill Divide at Deadwood. Public Information line is currently staffed at 530-886-5310 to handle inquiries. More »

Online Permits

Review Important On-Line Permit information and requirements then register for using On-Line Permits below where indicated. On-Line permits are currently available to Contractors only at this time.

NOTE: Contractors must have valid license and Workmans Comp on file with this office in order to apply online - if your online information cannot be verified please call the Community Development Resource Agency's Building Division at 530-745-3010 during normal business hours.

Building Permits Can Not Be Issued On-Line for:

  • Project that requires submittal of plans; i. e. new structures, additions and major
  • alterations requiring load bearing structural changes.
  • Structural demolition
  • Historic structures
  • SB-547 (unreinforced masonry) structures
  • Structures that are currently in the code enforcement process
  • Structures in a flood zone
  • Work on or within mobile/manufactured homes
  • Work which will disturb asbestos
  • Commercial construction, remodel or alteration
  • New electrical meter/service
  • Work requiring accessibility compliance
  • Work requiring TRPA approval for projects located in the Tahoe Basin

Permits issued on any of the above structures/projects will not be valid.

On-Line Permits Currently Available

List of the County of Placer On-Line Permits with their respective Inspection Code/s (IC), PermitCode (PC) and a list of inspection items, but not limited thereto for inspection by the field inspector.

Reroof RES – IC 432, 433, 428 PC 0803

  1. Must use in kind roofing.
  2. Class “A” roofing is required in all areas of Placer County.
  3. No structural modifications or reframing.
  4. If the project is located in a Wild Land Urban Interface (WUI) area, the project shall comply with the 2010 California Building Code(CBC)Chapter 7A requirements.
  5. Water Heater Change-Out (C/O) Residential (incl. assoc. piping & vents) – IC 534 PC0801
  6. Electrical ServiceChange-Out (C/O) Residential – IC 507 PC0806
  7. CLICK HERE: to complete and submit registration and agreement Form for Approval prior to using on-line Permits. When received by the County of Placer Building Division, you will be
    • Sent an email of "Pending" status. Please allow 24 hours for processing
    • Sent notification of "Acceptance" via email
    • Once you have "Acceptance" status you may apply for permits on-line.
  8. CLICK HERE: to apply for New Permits on-line (After your registration/agreement is approved)
    • Please allow 24 hours for permit processing and notification via email of "Permit Issuance" letter.

Smoke Alarms

When the valuation of an addition, alteration or repair to a residential living unit exceeds $1,000.00 and a permit is required, or when one or more sleeping rooms are added or created in an existing residential living unit, smoke detectors shall be installed in accordance with the CDC, Section 310.9.1, CRC 314& County Code 15.04.050.K. It is the permit holder and owner's responsibility to comply.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Required

All Permits issued and associated with a residential group “R” dwelling unit ot sleeping unit shall conform to the 2010 California Residential Code Requirements for Carbon Monoxide Alarms (Section R315). Provide completed Declaration of Installation to Field Director.

Repair and/or Replacement In-Kind

Repair in Kind (RIK), is defined as:
Repairs which use the same or similar materials in the same or similar location which comply with the currently adopted code. To be issued without plans, such repairs must be limited to 40 lineal feet of wall.”

NOTE: When applying for a permit, identify any work that requires relocation of any appliance, equipment, fixture or service in the Description of Work to be performed.

Non-Structural Repair in kind

Definition: Electrical, mechanical and plumbing work connected with remodeling or damage repair.


  • Kitchen/Bath remodel (No altered walls)
  • Deck Repair
  • Deck Rebuild (if not over 10’ high)
  • Flood Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Other Water Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Fire Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Storm Damage (minor non-structural)
  • Siding, windows, re-roofs and doors


  • New Plumbing (Sink, dishwasher, etc.) – minimum fees, quantity used for info only.
  • New electrical (circuits, subpanel, etc.) – minimum fees, quantity used for info only.
  • New mechanical (ductwork, etc.) – minimum fees, quantity used for info only.
  • Other non-structural damage (sheet rock, sub-floor, ceiling material – Contract cost.

Structural Repair in kind

Definition: Wall replacement, cutting holes in roof/walls or removing walls affecting 40 lineal feet or less of wall. The work done meets the definition of conventional light-frame construction in the Building Code and does not require a design analysis. If more than 40 linear feet of wall is affected, plans are required and the permit cannot be issued via the internet.


  • Alteration of walls in connection with remodel
  • Damage repair (Structural)
  • Dry Rot repair


  • Based on the number of inspections or square footage.

Homeowners' Association (H.O.A.) And Design Corridor Requirements

Please click on the H.O.A.'s link for a list of H.O.A.s located in the County of Placer requiring approval from Planning prior to permit issuance. A H.O.A. approval letter shall be sent to the Planning Division via E-mail prior to obtaining On-Line Permits requiring H.O.A. approval. Planning approval is required if request for permit is located within a Design Corridor. Send E-mail to

Permits issued on structures without prior H.O.A. approval when H.O.A. approval is required will not be valid.

Separate Structures Require Separate Permits

Parcels with multiple structures and work being performed on more than one structure will require a separate permit for each structure.

Payment For On-Line Permits

Payment for On-Line Permits will be made by utilizing an account with the County of Placer that is opened by the contractor with a deposit of funds. The amount of the initial deposit can be based on anticipated work load and associated permit fees. The contractor will debit the account each time an On-line Permit is issued for the amount of the permit fees. The contractor can make additional deposits to the account at any time to cover anticipated future permit fees. It is recommended that a balance be maintained to cover anticipated future permit fees in order to prevent delay in the processing of On-Line Permits.

For swimming pool safety information, please see refer to (website maintained by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission).