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North Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, CA: 57°F


County Executive Office


Below is a link to a Q&A and a map on the Firestone/Dollar Creek Shared Use Trail. Placer County understands that this is a topic of recent inquiries. The Q&A is a fact sheet answering many questions recently received by Placer County. Placer County hopes to pursue transfer of the Firestone property in order to provide North Lake Tahoe residents with new recreational opportunities, while also protecting the character of the community and the environment. 

Firestone/Dollar Creek fact sheet 

Please send any comments or questions to Firestone/Dollar Creek Trail.

The Placer County Executive Office operates a satellite office in Lake Tahoe. This office is responsible for providing many services for Tahoe residents, visitors, and local businesses. The County Executive Office at Tahoe also provides assistance on a variety of projects and programs in the Tahoe area, including those led by other county departments, such as the Department of Public Works, Community Development Resources Agency, Facility Services, and the Successor Agency.

The Tahoe CEO office is managed by Jennifer Merchant, Deputy CEO-Tahoe.

Jennifer Merchant

The County Executive Office in Tahoe is tasked with developing and managing an annual contract with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association for the provision of tourism-related services. The contract calls for implementation of annual marketing plans, visitor information services, and development of recommendations to the county on transit and other visitor-serving infrastructure projects. The contract is funded with a portion of the Transient Occupancy Tax collected in eastern Placer County.

In addition, the Tahoe office manages projects, programs and other issues with external agencies in the Tahoe area. This includes regular interface with local government elected officials and key staff, as well as those with state, federal and regional agencies, such as the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency(TRPA).

The County Executive Office in Tahoe is currently overseeing a partnership with TRPA on significant public outreach and development of TRPA’s 20-year Regional Plan update. Placer County, through the Tahoe CEO, is engaged with TRPA on the more broad regional planning components, but is also leading a community-specific public input effort called Place-Based Planning. Through multiple community vision sessions last summer, residents were able to share their vision for maintaining community character as the Regional Plan is implemented. The sessions are documented at This information will not only inform the Regional Plan, but is being utilized to create criteria for Demonstration Projects—downtown infill projects that will implement the community vision and are catalysts for significant environmental, quality of life and economic improvements.

Ready to escape to North Lake Tahoe? Whether you’re coming to study this fascinating mountain jewel on an academic level, or simply anticipating a few well-deserved days in its radiant light and pure alpine perfection, we encourage you to explore this only-of-its-kind place, experience its incredible blueness and enjoy all the fun you’ll find only at North Lake Tahoe.

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