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Hazardous Vegetation Abatement


State law for defensible space, Public Resources Code (PRC) 4291, requires that owners of improved parcels (parcels having a structure) maintain 100 feet (or to the limit of their property line) of defensible space around structures.  The HVA ordinance’s purpose is to extend the enforceability of PRC 4291 beyond the property line by creating a tool that can be applied specifically to unimproved parcels (properties where no structure exists) that are adjacent to improved properties.  The ordinance therefore applies only where an “extra hazardous” fire condition (determined by the Fire Warden) exists and the owner of the improved property is significantly at risk due to fire fuels on the adjacent unimproved property and it is not possible for an improved parcel owner to obtain the full 100 feet of defensible space required by PRC 4291.  The HVA Ordinance does not apply in conditions where an improved parcel is adjacent to another improved parcel.  In this condition, parcel owners are encouraged to work with their neighbors to obtain necessary defensible space. 

Defensible Space:

This is the single most effective strategy for protecting structures and assisting Fire Fighting efforts. State law requires 100 feet of defensible space. Local Fire agencies are performing PRC 4291 defensible space. Inspections to determine if residences meet the state required standards.

Chipper Program:

This program provides free chipping to Placer County residents to assist in reducing large flammable piles into small biodegradable piles. Property owners living in the wUd1andurban interface can have the material that has been thinned from their properties chipped onsite. To access the chipper program, use the following contacts.

  • Placer County Fire/CAL FIRE Hazard Mitigation Program at (530)886-4600
  • Meadow Vista/Applegate: Placer Hills Fire District, (530) 878-0405.
  • Foresthill: Foresthill Fire Department, (530) 367-2465.
  • South Placer: South P1acer Fire Protection District, (916) 791-7059.
  • Auburn: Auburn City Fire Department, (530) 823-4211, ext. 173.

Fire Safe Councils:

The Placer Fire Safe Councils' purpose is to work together to reduce the loss of life and property from wildfires. The Councils do this by developing Community Fire Safe Plans, reducing fuel levels, effectively communicating with area residents and motivating them to take action to protect their homes and property prior to a wildfire. To contact a Fire Safe Council, please call the Office of Emergency Services at (530)886-4600 or email

Additional information about the councils is available online at There are five Fire Safe Councils in Western Placer County:

  • The Foresthill/Iowa Hill Fire Safe Council meets the third Tuesday of each month
  • The Greater Auburn Fire Safe Council meets the third Friday of each month
  • The Placer Sierra Fire Safe Council meets the fourth Thursday of each month.
  • The Greater Lincoln Fire Safe Council meets the third Thursday of each month

  • The Placer County Fire Safe Alliance meets the third Thursday of each month