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Winter Travel Tips

Tahoe Travelers:

Living or traveling in snow country isn't like living and traveling in California's valleys or along the coast. The snowfall and the cold weather that bring good skiing and other winter activities require a greater level of safety and preparedness.

Radio Stations:

TV Stations:

Tahoe Area Regional Transit for the North Shore of Lake Tahoe:

(530) 550-1212 or (800) 736-6365. TDD (530) 550-9223. Visit their website at:

Snow Removal Information:

Contact Placer County Department of Public Works, (530) 581-6220. 

Emergency Operations Center Information Line: (530)-584-1590 staffed ONLY during an emergency.

Don't park on the street.

Keep entrances to your residence clear of snow.

Do not let ice and snow build up on gas lines and connections.

Don't let fire hydrants become covered with snow as you clear driveways and walkways.


Make certain that chimneys and flues are clear and that house numbers visible.

Keep smoke detectors in working order.

Don't put hot ashes in containers that can melt or burn.

Don't store ashes on decks, in dumpsters or trash cans

Additional Contact Numbers:

Sierra Pacific Power: 1-800-782-2506

Southwest Gas: 1-800-645-4541 or 1-800-772-4555 (weekend)

California Road Information: 1-800-427-ROAD

Nevada Road Information: 1-877-687-6237

Advisory Definitions 

Winter Storm Warning: Severe weather is on its way and will likely arrive.

Winter Storm Watch: Alerts you to possible adverse weather.