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Fiscal Year 2012-13 Final Budget

Fiscal Year 2012-13 Final Budget – Entire File
(This file is 9.36MB and may take some time to download, or you may click one of the links below to download a portion of the Final Budget) 

Table of Contents 
Administrative Services 
Agricultural Commissioner 
Budget Memo from Supervisors 
Chart – Assessed Value of Taxable Property 
Chart – Distribution of Tax Dollars Levied 
Chart – Expenditures by Function 
Chart – Operating and Capital Funds Expenditures by Category 
Chart – Revenues and Sources of Funds 
Child Support Services 
Community Development Resource Agency 
County Counsel 
County Executive Office 
County Executive Office – Non Departmental 
County Officers 
Cover Credit 
District Attorney 
Facility Services 
Farm Advisor 
Glossary of Terms 
Graphs – Per Capita Revenue & Operating Expenses 
Health and Human Services 
Placer County Organizational Chart 
Placer County Service Systems – Departments and Core Functions 
Position Allocation by Department, Appropriation, & Division 
Property Tax Rates 
Public Works 
Schedule 1 – All Funds Summary 
Schedule 2 – Governmental Funds Summary 
Schedule 3 – Fund Balance – Governmental Funds 
Schedule 4 – Reserves, Designations by Governmental Funds 
Schedule 5 – Summary of Additional Financing Sources by Source & Fund 
Schedule 6 – Detail of Additional Financing Sources by Fund & Account 
Schedule 7 – Summary of Financing Uses by Function & Fund 
Schedule 8 – Detail of Financing Uses by Function, Activity, & Budget Unit 
Special Districts 
Summary of Total Budgets & Positions by Department 
Treasurer Tax Collector
Veterans Services