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Auburn Creekside Center

The project proposes developing a commercial retail center on a 13.2-acre parcel located east of State Route (SR) 49, immediately north of the Target store in North Auburn. The proposed development areas are situated on the east and west sides of a tributary to Rock Creek, which traverses the site from south to north. The development site is approximately 6.6 acres in area; the remaining 6.6 acres will be provided as right-of-way dedications (3.3 acres) and open space (3.3 acres). The development will be phased, ultimately consisting of approximately 93,100 square feet of new retail space and parking for 345 vehicles. The project proposes extending Education Street east, bridging the creek, and terminating at a new traffic circle at Quartz Drive. Required entitlements for this project include a Conditional Use Permit, Variance from the minimum landscaping requirement, a Tentative Map to divide the parcel into four separate parcels, and a Design Review Agreement.

Final Environmental Impact Report: (released 07/15/16)

Draft Environmental Impact Report