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Martis Valley West Parcel Project

Project Description: The proposed project consists of a Specific Plan and TRPA Area Plan and various entitlements and approvals associated with approval of these plans. The Specific Plan area consists of two separate components, the East and West Parcels, which are located on either side of State Route (SR) 267. The West Parcel is approximately 1,192 acres, located adjacent to the Northstar California Resort, west of SR 267. The West Parcel includes 112.8 acres within the Lake Tahoe Basin and, therefore, within TRPA’s jurisdiction. The TRPA Area Plan will address only this portion of the proposed Specific Plan. The East Parcel is approximately 6,376 acres, 670 acres of which are zoned for residential and commercial development under the Martis Valley Community Plan. The proposed project would shift 760 units and 6.6 acres of commercial from the allowed development of 1,360 units and 6.6 acres of commercial on the East Parcel to the West Parcel. The project would permanently retire 600 allowed units. Under the proposed project, 775 acres of the West Parcel would be rezoned from Timberland Production to Residential and Neighborhood Commercial, allowing for up to 760 residential units and 6.6 acres of commercial uses for homeowner amenities, small community retail and similar uses. The remaining 417 acres on the West Parcel would remain designated Forest. The 670 acres of the East Parcel currently zoned for development would be redesignated Forest, and a conservation easement would be placed over the entire 6,376 acres, or it would be sold fee simple to conservation groups. As a result, no development would occur on the East Parcel. Approximately 216 acres of the 6,376-acre East Parcel are located within Nevada County. The applicant has proposed, as part of the project, to place a conservation easement on the entire East Parcel, including the portion in Nevada County. Because Placer County does not have land-use jurisdiction over this area, however, it will not take or consider action with respect to the 216 acres located in Nevada County. The Area Plan would apply to the 112.8 acres of the West Parcel that are located within TRPA’s jurisdiction and would redesignate the said acreage to Resort Recreation.


Project Location: The project site is located between the Town of Truckee and the north shore of Lake Tahoe within the Martis Valley Community Plan area in Placer County on either side of SR 267.


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Notice of Preparation public review from 3/28/14 to 4/28/14

Initial Study Checklist