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Placer Vineyards Specific Plan Parcel 3

The applicant is requesting approval of an Amendment to the Placer Vineyards Specific Plan to change the land use designations on the project site (Property #3, Assessors Parcel Number 023-200-037) from 25 acres of Commercial, 7 acres of High Density Residential, and 26.5 acres of Medium Density Residential to 46.2 acres of Power Center and 12.3 acres of High Density Residential.

Amendment to the PVSP for the aforementioned land uses would allow for the future development potential of up to 704,365 square feet of retail/commercial uses. Future retail/commercial uses include, but are not limited to, home improvement and large-scale discount centers, furniture stores, computer stores, household goods and groceries, auto sales and services, auto service stations, tire stores, large-scale clothing outlets, and other Power Center uses in accordance with the approved PVSP Land Use designations. The applicant anticipates the future development of the Power Center would include approximately 462,000 square feet of retail/commercial use (including 412,000 square feet of big-box retail and 50,000 square feet of single-story shop buildings), and 2,310 parking spaces. However, the program-level PVSP Property #3 Supplement to the PVSP EIR will analyze the maximum development potential of the proposed land use modifications.

The Specific Plan Amendment to the PVSP would result in the conversion of 153 units of Medium Density Residential on 26.5 acres and 105 units of High Density Residential on seven acres (as identified in the Specific Plan) to 258 units of High Density Residential on 12.3 acres of the property. Therefore, the total number of residential units currently identified for the project site would not be changed as a result of the project. The remaining land use designations on the parcel (26 acres of Open Space, four acres of Religious Facility, four acres of Parks, and eight acres of Major Roads) would remain unchanged. Site-specific development is not proposed as part of the approvals currently being sought for the project and future entitlements to develop on the proposed project site would be required to undergo further environmental review.

Project Location: The proposed project site is located in the east area of the PVSP area at the southeast corner of Watt Avenue and Baseline Road, north of Sacramento and west of Roseville.

Notice of Preparation (6/13/11 to 7/12/11)