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Tahoe Basin Community Plan

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The proposed project is a Placer County-initiated update to its land use regulations that apply in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The proposed project, the Placer County Tahoe Basin Community Plan, updates the existing community plans, general plans, plan area statements (PASs), maps, and ordinances in the Placer County portion of the Tahoe Basin developed to implement the 1987 Regional Plan. The Placer County Tahoe Basin Community Plan is being developed to implement the 2012 Regional Plan; it consolidates the plans, maps, and ordinances into community vision statements and guiding principles, a policy document, an updated land use diagram, a zoning district map, and four implementing area plans. The proposed project also includes redevelopment of “opportunity sites” in Tahoe City and Kings Beach, which are defined by Placer County as those of a scale that would produce significant economic development, resulting in job growth and additional private sector investment and that would help foster sustainability.

The Placer County Tahoe Basin Community Plan provides an opportunity to comprehensively address issues facing North Lake Tahoe communities and to responsibly and proactively plan for the next 20 years. The proposed Placer County Tahoe Basin Community Plan has been developed with substantial public and stakeholder input, and input from plan area teams representing community volunteers from the four sub-planning areas within the Tahoe Basin: the West Shore Plan Area Team, the Greater Tahoe City Plan Area Team, the North Tahoe West Plan Area Team, and the North Tahoe East Plan Area Team.

The proposed Placer County Tahoe Basin Community Plan is intended to implement and conform to the TRPA 2012 Regional Plan and the TRPA/Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization (TMPO) Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, adopted on December 12, 2012, effective February 9, 2013, with limited exception. The Placer County Tahoe Basin Community Plan is also designed to meet California requirements for local jurisdictions to adopt a comprehensive long-term General Plan, and serves as the General Plan for the Tahoe Basin portion of Placer County (California Government Code Section 65300).

A brief description of the project, a summary of the probable environmental effects of the proposed project, and alternatives likely to be evaluated in the EIR/EIS are attached hereto.

PROJECT LOCATION: The project site includes that portion of Placer County that is also within the jurisdiction of TRPA.

For additional information regarding the project, please contact Crystal Jacobsen, at (530) 745-3085 or visit this link:

Notice of Preparation (public review from 7/16/14 to 8/15/14)