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Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan

The proposed Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan project was originally proposed as a mixed-use development that includes resort residential, commercial, and recreation uses as well as parking and other visitor amenities on approximately 101 acres at the west end of Squaw Valley. In addition, the applicant has submitted more detailed plans for the first phase of the project as identified in the Specific Plan, "Phase I." Most of the plan area is located on existing parking lots used for day parking by skiers, with some of the area also located on undeveloped forest and meadow land.

On October 10, 2012 the County issued the original Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the above version of the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan. In response to public and agency comments received during the scoping process as well as changing market conditions and other factors, the project has since been substantially revised by the applicant. Overall, project development has been reduced by approximately one-third; maximum unit counts have been reduced from 1,093 to 750, and total maximum bedrooms have been reduced from 2,148 to 1,493. The project footprint has been reduced from approximately 101 acres to approximately 85 acres. As such, the County has prepared this Revised Notice of Preparation to allow for public and agency comment on the scope and content of an EIR to be prepared for the revised project. Comment period for the Revised Notice of Preparation ended on 3/24/14. Click here to view all comments received.

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