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Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan Draft EIR

The Draft EIR identified significant or potentially significant effects associated with population, employment, and housing; biological resources; cultural resources; visual resources; traffic and circulation; air quality; noise; soils, geology, and seismicity; hydrology and water quality; public services and utilities; hazardous materials and hazards; air quality; and greenhouse gases and climate change. Even with the application of feasible mitigation measures, some impacts would be significant and unavoidable.

 Draft EIR  Cover
   Table of Contents
 Chapter 1  Introduction 
 Chapter 2  Executive Summary
 Chapter 3  Project Description
 Chapter 4  Land Use & Forest Resources
 Chapter 5  Population, Employment, & Housing
 Chapter 6  Biological Resources
 Chapter 7  Cultural Resources
 Chapter 8  Visual Resources (part 1)
   Visual Resources (part 2)
   Visual Resources (part 3)
 Chapter 9  Transportation & Circulation
 Chapter 10  Air Quality
 Chapter 11  Noise
 Chapter 12  Soils, Geology, & Seismicity
 Chapter 13  Hydrology & Water Quality (part 1)
   Hydrology & Water Quality (part 2)
 Chapter 14  Public Services & Utilities
 Chapter 15  Hazardous Materials & Hazards
 Chapter 16  Greenhouse Gases & Climate Change
 Chapter 17  Alternatives
 Chapter 18  Other CEQA Sections
 Chapter 19  Report Preparers
 Chapter 20  References & Persons Consulted
 Appendices  Cover
   Table of Contents
   Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program
 Appendix A  Notice of Preparation & Comments (part 1)
   Notice of Preparation & Comments (part 2)
   Notice of Preparation & Comments (part 3)
   Notice of Preparation & Comments (part 4)
 Appendix B  Revised Notice of Preparation & Comments (part 1)
   Revised Notice of Preparation & Comments (part 2)
   Revised Notice of Preparation & Comments (part 3)
 Appendix C  Water Supply Assessment
 Appendix D  Employee/Workforce Housing Plan
 Appendix E  Biological Resources/Wetland Delineation
 Appendix F  Shadow Study
 Appendix G  Transportation & Circulation
 Appendix H  Air Quality & Greenhouse Gas Modeling
 Appendix I  Noise Calculations
 Appendix J  Wildland Fire Evacuation Plan
 Appendix K  Competitive Marketing Analysis

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