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Placer County General Plan EIR

Below is the complete 1994 Placer County General Plan Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), Technical Appendices, Comments and Responses to Comments in zipped (.zip) file format:


Technical Appendices

Comments and Responses to Comments

Below are the individual chapters and appendices for the FEIR in .pdf format:


Table of Contents and Introduction

1 - Project Description

2 - Assumptions

3 - Land Use

4 - Transportation

5 - Non-County Infrastructure

6 - County Facilities and Services

7 - Recreational and Cultural Resources

8 - Natural Resources

9 - Health and Safety

10 - Mandatory CEQA Sections

Appendix A - Issues and Options

Appendix B - Report Preparation

Appendix C - Responses on Notice of Preparation

Appendix D - Persons Consulted

Appendix E - Draft EIR Process

Technical Appendices - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Comments and Responses to Comments - Part 1, Part 2