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Martis Valley Community Plan

The Martis Valley Community Plan in combination with the Placer County General Plan, is the official statement of Placer County setting forth goals, policies, assumptions, guidelines, standards, and implementation measures that will guide the physical, social, and economic development of the Martis Valley area to at least the year 2020. The Plan, which updates and supercedes the 1975 Martis Valley General Plan, provides overall direction for future growth within Martis Valley. For questions regarding this document, please contact Allen Breuch at 530-581-6284 or email, or contact Stacy Wydra at 530-581-6288 or email

Martis Valley Community Plan

Figure 1 - Land Use Diagram

Figure 2 - Circulation Diagram

Figure 3 - Recreation

Figure 4 - Zoning

Figure 5 - Conservation Diagram

Figure 6 - Constraints Map