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Martis Valley West Parcel Specific Plan

This proposed project is in the preliminary administrative review stage. Staff is currently reviewing the Environmental Questionnaire, which includes this project description:

The proposed project is comprised of two components, the East and West Parcels, which are located on either side of SR 267 within the Martis Valley Community Plan. The West Parcel is approximately 1,185 acres adjacent to the Northstar Resort, west of SR 267. The East Parcel is approximately 6,376 acres, of which 660 acres are zoned for residential and commercial development. The proposed project would shift a portion of that allowed development from the East Parcel to the West Parcel. Current zoning allows 1,360 residential units and 6.6 acres of commercial uses within the East Parcel (the remainder of the East Parcel is designated Forest and zoned for Timberland Production). Under the proposed project, 775 acres of the West Parcel would be rezoned from Timberland Production to residential and commercial, allowing for 760 residential units and 6.6 acres of commercial uses. The remaining 345 acres would remain designated Forest. The 660-acres of the East Parcel currently zoned for development would be redesignated Forest, and a limited conservation easement would be placed over the entire 6,376 acres or it will be sold fee simple to conservation groups. As a result, no development would occur on the East Parcel, and the total amount of development would be 600 residential units fewer than allowed under current zoning. The combination of uses on the West Parcel at buildout would be 760 residential units, including single-family homes, townhomes, cabins and condominiums, and 6.6 acres of commercial land for homeowner amenities, small community retail and similar uses.

Project Description

Figure 1 - Regional Location Map

Figure 2 - Project Location Map

Figure 3 - Slope Map

Figure 4 - Conceptual Land Use Plan

Figure 5 - Utility Improvements

Figure 6 - Fire Response