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Placer County, CA
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Tahoe Basin Community Plan Update

Placer County has begun the process of updating its Tahoe Community/General Plans which will be coordinated with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's Regional Plan Update.

Community Plan Policy Framework

The Community Plan Policy Framework (Policy Framework-Text only/black-white version) is designed to provide overarching goals and guiding policies to guide growth and development of communities located in the Placer County Tahoe Basin, provide for the protection and enhancement of natural resources, and further attainment of environmental thresholds. The goals and guiding policies provide the platform for individual policies and actions that will be included in Community Plan Policy Document. The Community Plan Policy Framework document is a result of a series of Topical Policy Workshops that the County conducted over the Fall, where the County sought feedback and input on goals and policy initiatives related to various topics that will be addressed in the Community Plan Policy Document. Accordingly, the overarching goals and guiding policies contained in the document have been crafted with input from the community and respond to specific opportunities and challenges within the North Tahoe Basin. 

At this time, the County is soliciting feedback on the overarching goals and guiding policies contained in this Policy Framework and the policies that will be incorporated into the Public Review Draft Policy Document. Comments received before February 1, 2014 will be considered in preparation of the Public Review Draft of the Policy Document. There will be additional opportunity to comment on policies after the publication of the Public Review Draft of the Tahoe Basin Community Plan Policy Document in Spring 2014. Comments can be emailed to Nicole Hagmaier or Crystal Jacobsen.


What is a Community Plan? A community plan is a comprehensive, long-term general plan for specific communities within governmental jurisdiction boundaries. This plan conveys the fundamental values used to guide a community's physical development. California State Law requires that cities and counties prepare and adopt a community plan every 20 years. A community plan must include these seven required elements: Land Use, Housing, Circulation, Conservation, Open Space, Noise, and Safety.

How many Community/General Plans currently exist within the Placer County portion of the Tahoe Basin? The County currently maintains nine Community/General Plans, including:

  • West Shore General Plan
  • Tahoe City Area General Plan
  • North Tahoe Area General Plan
  • Tahoe City Community Plan
  • Carnelian Bay Community Plan
  • Tahoe Vista Community Plan
  • Kings Beach Community Plan
  • Kings Beach Industrial Community Plan
  • North Stateline Community Plan

In an effort to develop more cohesive, user-friendly Planning documents, staff has explored a modified format to the Tahoe Community/General Plan Updates. Staff has proposed to consolidate the nine Plans into a single over-arching Community Plan policy document with four sub-planning areas proposed map each with their own zoning ordinances and design standards specific to each Plan Area. TRPA has expressed concurrence with this approach and the County’s Board of Supervisors has directed staff to proceed with the modified format. Project Timeline

Existing Conditions Report and Economic Market Analysis

The Existing Conditions Report analyzes environmental resources and hazards, land use and community form, infrastructure, and discusses planning implications that will need to be addressed as part of this Community Plan Update.

Community Workshops and Meetings

The public is encouraged to attend the Plan Area Team Workshops and Town Hall Meetings, the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission public hearings, the North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council, as well as contacting by phone, email, or mail the County staff:

  • Crystal Jacobsen, Project Manager: 530-745-3085,
  • Nicole Hagmaier, Staff Support: 530-745-3117,
  • Mailing Address: Placer County Planning Services Division, 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn, CA 95603
  • Plan Update Mailing List - To be included on the Plan Update Mailing List, contact Nicole Hagmaier (see above)

The Community Workshops are held on the second Wednesday of each month. The location varies monthly between Kings Beach and Tahoe City. Crystal Jacobsen, the project manager leading this effort, provides a presentation before each workshop, along with a question and answer period.

January 29, 2014 - Townhall Meeting
Begins at 6:00 p.m., North Tahoe Event Center, Kings Beach

November 6, 2013 - Public Workshop: Transportation
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., North Tahoe Event Center, Kings Beach

October 30 - Planning Commission Workshop:

October 23 - Public Workshop: Recreation, Public Services and Public Facilities
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., North Tahoe Event Center, Kings Beach

October 9 - Public Workshop: Policy Initiatives
5:00-6:30 p.m., North Tahoe Event Center, Kings Beach
Complete set of Policy Initiatives (10mb)
September 25th - Public Workshop: Conservation
North Tahoe Event Center, Kings Beach
September 11th - Town Hall Meeting - Kings Beach
August 28th - Tahoe City Vision Options Plan Workshop
July 16 to 18 - 3-day Charrette

July 11 - Planning Commission hearing has been cancelled.

June 19

June 13 - Agenda

May 16 - Agenda

March 21 - Agenda

January 9

Plan Area Teams

The County began to solicit public participation in the Update process in November 2011 and continued through the winter of 2012. Four Plan areas were identified for the Community Plan Update, and a Plan Area Team was created for each of these areas: North Tahoe East, North Tahoe West, Greater Tahoe City, and the West Shore. Each team is made up of nine community members from each Plan area (Plan Area Team members by interest area). The intent to encourage community involvement in the Plan Area Team working groups is to ensure that the planning documents that will be developed as part of the Update reflect the community's vision. The Plan Area Teams help develop the zoning and design standards for each of the Plan Areas, vision statements, and draft working maps.

The public is encouraged to contact County staff or Team members to convey comments, ask questions, and obtain information about this process. The public is also encouraged to attend the Community Workshops to observe the Teams' progress during the Update process, as well as the Townhall meetings, North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council for updates on the Plan, as well as staff presentations to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Placer County Board of Supervisors, and Placer County Planning Commission regarding the planning process.

Greater Tahoe City Plan Area

The Greater Tahoe City Plan Area includes Tahoe City, Tahoe City Gateway, Lake Forest and Dollar Hill. Team members include Gary Davis, Walter Auerbach, Harold Slear, Zach Hymanson, Judy Friedman, Marguerite Sprague, Kathie Fenley, Jim Williamson, and Martin Spitsen.

North Tahoe East Plan Area

The North Tahoe East Plan Area includes Stateline and Kings Beach. Team members include Philip Gilanfarr, Sue Daniels, Eli Meyer, Theresa May Duggan, Ann Nichols, Ki Nyborg, Andy Deinken, Joseph A. Chillemi, and Tony Demanuele.

North Tahoe West Plan Area

The North Tahoe West Plan Area includes Tahoe Vista and Carnelian Bay. Team Members include Alex Mourelatos, Keith Franke, Leah Kaufman, Robert Lyman, Sam Arnetz, Peter Przybyslawski, Bill Matte, Ellie Waller, and Joseph Lanza.

West Shore Plan Area

The West Shore Plan Area includes Homewood, Sunnyside and Tahoma. Team Members include Todd Mather, Lydia Altick, Ron Parson, Suzanne Wilkins, Jan Brisco, Judith Tornese, John Pang, Nancy Dodge, and Kelli Twomey.