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Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan

Final Draft Specific Plan

A final draft version of the Specific Plan has been prepared, which incorporates the recommendations of the Squaw Valley Citizen’s Design Review Committee on the Appendix B Design Guidelines. Other minor revisions to clarify the Specific Plan project description have also been incorporated.

A redline version of the Specific Plan has been provided to show where the April 2015 Specific Plan has been updated or corrected in the April 2016 Specific Plan. Adjustments to the Plan are shown with yellow highlighted text and/or redline text to describe changes that have been made (Note: iPhone and iPad users have reported they are unable to view the strikeouts and highlighted texts on those devices.

Redline version - Pages 1-136 and Pages 137-246

Video Animations

Squaw Valley Real Estate has produced three video animations of the proposed project. The Village Entry Animation begins east of the intersection of Squaw Valley Road and Far East Road and travels westward on Squaw Valley Road. The Plaza Video Animation begins at the southeast corner of the existing Intrawest Village near the existing preferred parking structure and continues eastward through the pedestrian plaza area of the newly proposed Village Commercial Core neighborhood, the activity center of the new village. The Lodging Video Animation begins on Squaw Valley Road near the Clock Tower and then travels northwest and west along Chamonix Place through the less active Village Commercial neighborhood and fractional cabins.

Plaza Video Animation

Plaza Video Animation

Lodging Video Animation

Lodging Video Animation

Village Entry Video Animation

Village Entry Video Animation

East Parcel - Set 1, Set 2

Proposed Employee Housing Units:

Community Market

Shipping and Distribution Facility

Main Village - looking south

Elevation views of all conceptual project buildings (.pdf format) - Set 1, Set 2, Set 3

Building Cabin C - Set 1, Set 2


In December 2011, Squaw Valley Real Estate, LLC submitted an application to Placer County seeking adoption of the "Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan." Since the time of the initial application submittal, the Specific Plan has been through a number of internal review and comment cycles with the County staff, and numerous public meetings have been held to receive early input on the project from responsible and trustee agencies, adjacent property owners, public interest groups and from the general public. As a result of the County’s public engagement, and due to the high profile nature of this project and the applicant’s own public outreach efforts, the Specific Plan proposal has received valuable early input. In January 2014, the applicant formally responded by releasing a revised Specific Plan (see "Specific Plan" below). The County recently received an updated version of the Specific Plan (October 2014 Draft, above), which includes revised and expanded Design Guidelines (Appendix B).  Specific Plan Chapters 1 through 8 were not modified except where necessary to clarify text or plan policies, or to clarify or enhance graphics. Placer County is currently preparing a Program Environmental Impact Report to analyze the environmental impacts of implementation of the project, and the Draft EIR will be publicly circulated in early 2015.+more

The Specific Plan proposes to comprehensively plan development of 94 acres at the west end of Squaw Valley adjacent to the existing Village area, including the 8.8-acre “East Parcel” located 100 yards northeast of the intersection of Squaw Valley Road and Squaw Creek Road. The Specific Plan would develop resort-residential, visitor accommodations, commercial, health and well-being, and recreational uses as well as parking and other visitor amenities over an estimated 20 to 25-year plan area build-out. In order to approve the request, the County would need to certify an Environmental Impact Report and approve a General Plan Amendment to adopt the Specific Plan, and approve a large-lot Tentative Subdivision Map. Subsequent to these actions, environmental review to determine compliance with CEQA and approval of small-lot Tentative Subdivision Maps, Conditional Use Permits and Design Review Permits would be required prior to construction of projects within the Specific Plan area. (See below link for information on the Specific Plan.)

Squaw Valley Design Review Committee

In September 2015, the Squaw Valley Design Review Committee, a citizen advisory committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors to make recommendations to the Planning Services Division on Design/Site Review applications, completed its review of the proposed Appendix B Development Standards and Design Guidelines. The DRC’s final report of their recommendations was adopted by the DRC at the September meeting. Also included is an Executive Summary of the DRC report.

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For further information regarding the project, please contact:

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