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Caterers prepare food from a permitted facility and supply food and related services including, but not limited to, off premises private or public catered functions. Caterers are subject to the California Retail Food Code as outlined in Placer County’s Catering Guidelines and must acquire a valid health permit. To obtain a valid health permit submit an application packetwith the appropriate fee to the address located on the bottom of the application. 

For individual pages from the application packet, please see our Permits, Forms & Fees page.

Caterer- Same Owner from Permitted Food Facility

Restaurants and markets that provide catering services to their customers are required to obtain a catering health permit in addition to their current annual health permit. Example of such catering from the same permitted food facility that requires a health permit would be if the facility prepares the food, transports the food to the event to be catered, and provides staff services and/or multi-use utensils. An example of catering from the same permitted food facility that does not require an additional health permit is when a facility provides the food, transports the food to the event, and leaves all the food and utensils at the event with no additional services provided, meaning delivery only.


Cooks-for-Hire are individuals hired to prepare and/or serve food at an client’s home or private function. Cook-for-Hire must either use client’s food or shop directly prior to arriving at the client’s home or private function. All food prepared by a Cook-for-Hire is prepared and handled at the location of the private function. No food is allowed to be stored, prepared, or handled at the private home of the Cook-for-Hire. Cooks-for-Hires are not required to obtain a health permit, but must fill out a Cook-for-Hire Statement in order for their Business License Application to be signed off.

Cooks-for-Hire are not regulated by the local health agency. Due to the risk incurred by using personal Cook-for-Hire equipment (example chef knives or hot hold units, etc.) it is highly recommended by this office that all equipment be provided by the client and not the Cook-for-Hire him/herself.

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